Scale Day v26.0

When you are on a weight loss journey there are many highs and lows along the way.  Certainly making it through a hard workout feels amazing.  Seeing the first five pounds melt away is pretty cool, the next five feels even better.  Finding muscles you forgot you had is awesome.  Shopping for new clothes can really add up, but when you buy a size 6, when you started the journey in a size 12, feels incredible.  Hearing all my relatives compliment me is just icing on the cake.

With all the comments I received over the past few days only one hit me the wrong way.  After working hard for not just a few weeks, but 26 weeks, I’m not about to go into reverse and let the pounds back on.  This journey that I am on has not only changed my outlook on my health but also the reasons behind it.  What used to be one of the only reasons I wanted to lose weight, to look good in my jeans, is now just a by-product.  But nothing could stop my step-Grandma from saying, “now, just don’t put the weight right back on.” Yow, ah, ok, what do you say to this type of comment?  I can tell you what I wanted to say, but it was not appropriate to say to anyone let alone an elder.

Challenges will continue to come my way, but one thing I’ve got down is one week at a time.  I got Through Christmas week without gaining weight.  That’s right, I actually lost 0.3 pounds!!  Which is pretty awesome.  I did great on water this past week, 280 minutes of exercise (which is great considering my schedule) and sleep was actually pretty good.  Now calories, hmm, have no idea really, I can only say I didn’t go crazy, I had a Christmas cookie each day, but only one or two at the most.  I tried to keep to my normal patterns with foods, and considering I didn’t gain this week I think I did pretty good.

Last week I could have sworn the BMI calculator told me that once I (5′ 2″) weighed 136.5, my BMI would be 24.9.  I must have been mistaken, I need to weigh 136.4 before I enter the normal weight range.  Holy crud, I only need to lose 0.1 pounds!!!  I don’t normally do this, but considering the year is ending in two days I’m making a two-day goal.  My next goal is to enter the BMI normal weight category by the end of 2011.  If I would have said that 26 weeks ago I would have laughed at the impossibility, but now I just might be able to do it, regardless this year is a total success!!

I’m actually looking forward to making some New Years resolutions next week, I look forward to reading yours too.

Saturday I will be at a girlfriend’s house celebrating New Years with my 3 boys and a bunch of our friends.  My girlfriend’s husband is from Germany, so they celebrate New Years at 6 pm, when the calendar changes in Germany, how cool is that.  Shortly after I get my New Year’s kiss, my rocker hubby will be off to his gig, it all works out pretty well actually.

Hope you have a ROCKIN New Year!!!


2 thoughts on “Scale Day v26.0

  1. You just brought up my fear- how will I respond when someone says that to me. I know it will happen in February when I am with family for a wedding. That don’t see what I do, they don’t know it’s about my health and this new lifestyle that will not stop when I hit goal. They will only see the weight loss so I am nervous. I can’t mouth off to grandma 😉

    I am so proud of you! You are so amazing and I hope you feel that way every day. It’s not that you managed to lose over Christmas it’s that you lived your normal life during the holidays. You didn’t see Christmas as a free pass to break all your good habits. You treated it like any other day, which it is. So, so proud of you! You are an inspiration to me every day!

    • Thank you so much!! You are so right, I did just think of it as another day in the journey, no free passes here, just soft bends in the rules 😉 another good sign, thanks for pointing that out!!!

      Grandma’s comment rubbed me wrong for sure, but I have not focused on it, b/c my journey is not about Grandpa or all the other amazing comments I got, it’s about HOW I FEEL. It’s about what I do each day to enjoy my life. Take that to your wedding and your phone so we can help if someone starts to break through your thunder cape 😀

      This was also the same Grandmas that told me 7 years ago: “you look great, but don’t gain any more weight.” At the time I didn’t mind her comment, b/c she was saying I looked just fine at that moment in time (which is about 10 pounds more than I weigh now), oh well, I still love her to pieces

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