No Random Thoughts, just…detox

The last couple of days have been inevitable. When you grow up with an alcoholic father who is the life of the party you know some day is going to come.

My father recently turned 70 and he turned into the Grinch this Christmas. The five days we spent with them were not fun with his attempt to ruin every happy moment. In the days since Christmas, when he finally had a chance to realize all that he had ruined, there were harsh realities to face and he had a choice. He could continue to ignore his problem or he could choose to face reality.

I’m happy to report that he has decided to get sober. Relief sure, but now the real work begins.

How long has he been an alcoholic, that’s a good question that I can not answer. My dad was never been a mean drunk until this past year. Unfortunately his problems with the drink were ignored for many years. Of course I was probably pretty young when he started to really have a problem, I probably wasn’t even born yet.

So what do you do with a man who wants to get sober, decision made, but the really good programs near him put him on a wait list until March? Ouch! The doctor put him on a medication, one that helps with withdrawals, but you can not drink while on the medication. Sure, a man who has been drinking daily for probably 40+ years is going to stop cold turkey…

My father was rushed to the ER on Saturday and yesterday for low blood pressure. Thank goodness my mother is strong and is handling things well. The good news, the program he wanted is working on making space for him today. Hallelujah!

My  brother/sister-in-law/mom and I are riding the texting train, we have our fingers firmly crossed. Of course this is the beginning of a very long road. I am extremely thankful he has finally made the hard decision, for that he has re-earned some respect, not just mine, but his as well.

In times like this it is hard to live on the opposite side of the state, but I am trying not to let this craziness consume me, but it is difficult, can anybody say Al-Anon.


2 thoughts on “No Random Thoughts, just…detox

    • It’s hard and it’s easy. Easy b/c I’m not going through what he is, but hard b/c it’s my daddy and I want him to be OK
      He’s still in the hospital today, waiting to see if they have room at the rehab center
      My heart is just breaking, thanks for your support Kathleen!! It means a lot to me!!

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