Scale Day v30.0

***Dad Update (see Monday’s post): today is the end of the road for my dad in the hospital. Today he either comes home or he will be admitted into a rehab facility. I’m praying they have room for him today!! If he comes home for any stretch of time I’m certain this bad situation will get incredibly worse. One bit of good news, the cardiologist told us he didn’t have a heart attack, of course next time he might not be so lucky. My dad has been pretty nice these couple of days while he was in the hospital, that is until his drinking buddy visited him yesterday. Jeez-O-Petes! Please give us all strength!!***

When life blows up it is hard to stay vigilant in your journey, ain’t that the truth!! This week I’ve hit and missed my goals. I need to make a decision. Am I going to let the situation with my dad, which may go on as it is for months, derail me from my goals? I’ve been letting his situation consume me, which is not shocking, he’s in a bad way. But you know what is making me feel worse, not sticking to my goals, not paying any attention to my needs, how I feel, what my family needs. Living life at half attention waiting for a shoe to drop is no way to live.

My goal this week was to workout for 400 minutes, I got in 230. On average I was almost 200 calories over my limit every day. I did great on water and sleep, whoop-de-do, NO, STOP that right now!! I did work out this week, I didn’t completely forget about the hunger scale (although I willingly let it slip my mind for a few minutes here and there) and I did lose a little bit of weight!! Hey, now there is some good news. I lost 0.4 pounds this week.

Challenge time, time to get my head in the journey and nothing does that better than a challenge. I have 4.2 more pounds to hit my goal weight and 5 more scale days before my birthday. 4.2 pounds in 5-weeks, on yeah, game is ON!!

How am I going to do it? 5-weeks of getting in my daily workouts, water, sleep and HUNGER SCALE whispering.

I can do this. In the last 30 weeks I’ve lost 30.9 pounds, I can do this. I want it, I can do it.


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