Scale Day v31.0

I’m sad, I’m very sad.

Sometimes life gives you lots of lemons, it can be hard to pull through it all and see the other side. I’m struggling at the moment, but that’s just life, right? A blow hits you when you are down…you just can’t seem to get right back up…so you stay down…then the next hit gets you and you’re out…is that it?

No, that’s not it. you struggle a bit more and find some leverage, but then another hit connects…frustration, tears, sadness…is that it?

No, but I don’t have to take it either…

Change…stop doing things the same way, stop looking at things the same way…have hope…stop internalizing your own and others problems

Shake some happiness in and keep stirring until you find it settling its way back in

Yes, life has me down at the moment, a zillion little things, some not so little. I’m worried about my dad sure (he’s still in rehab for alcoholism and I’m worried about him) and I’m worried about a million things in my family unit . I’m sick of being worried. I’m not spending time on things I love, like Nia and my writing, which just makes me sad…add in all the worry and I’m making myself sick!

So did I spend a great week working on my healthy journey? Surely that could lift my spirits.

Hmmm…lets take a look:

-Hunger scale: on average each day in the last week I was 250 calories above my limit

-Water: on average each day I was missing 16oz from my goal

-Exercise Minutes: my goal is 400 minutes a week and I got in 135 minutes, that’s only 3 workouts

Well that doesn’t sound like someone who is trying to lose the last 4 pounds to her goal. That’s some truth and here is some more: I didn’t lose this week, I didn’t maintain, nope, I gained 0.9 pounds. I’m not surprised.

I have not lost 1 pound two weeks in a row since late November!!! In the last two months I’ve lost, but only 5.7 pounds. I can take a slow snails pace, but now that slow pace has stopped and gone into reverse.

So now what am I going to do about the situation? That is the question. Am I going to shut down and quit?


Change, I’ve got to start some change.

This morning I got up and completed one of my hardest workouts and I feel great, but I’m already behind on my water. HOLD that thought a minute while I fill my glass… That’s better. Back to basics, back to remembering what it takes and back to routine. Change yes, but change back to what works for me…routine. I will stick to my calorie limit by listening to my hunger scale and drinking all my water. I’ve told my dear husband about my new strict bed time, he helps, if I tell him what I need help with, so nice. Since I will be going to bed on time, I will get up each morning and work out.

I have 4 weeks now till my birthday and now I have 5.1 pounds to lose.

Big girl breath…

We can do anything that we put our mind to, right?


4 thoughts on “Scale Day v31.0

  1. Oh, I do wish you lived closer so we could work out together. Maybe that way, we could encourage each other, since I’ve been slacking off on my Yoga as well. :-((
    You have been doing so great and I think it’s only natural to have some days when every thing is off track. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are only 24 hours in a day, so once you pee 8 times (or 20 time, if your like me) and do everything that has to be done in a day, that only leaves so much time for yourself.
    Lots and lots of love,

    • Someday we’ll get that walk in!! I have a feeling 🙂
      It’s hard not to get down when you know what works and you are not doing it, but thanks for the reminder, I really needed that!!
      8 trips to the bathroom sounds about right…20 trips, well there is some exercise…hmmm, idea, after every bathroom trip you should hold a yoga pose 🙂
      Thanks for the love Gina and you know I’m giving right back my friend!!

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