Scale Day v32.0

This past week I was looking to change so many things. My effort and my outlook needed a complete overhaul, my balancing act of tasks needed some shuffling too.  After losing just 1.3 pounds in the last 4-weeks and actually gaining weight last week, a new pace was an obvious must.

Change is hard, sometimes it takes being at a fork in the road, which is certainly were I was. When you see only two ways to move forward you have to choose. Choose to keep going down the road you’ve been paving and accept the inevitable, or you can choose something different.

Do you like the road you are on?

I didn’t like my road and it was dragging me down, back to the place I was pre-healthy journey. I don’t ever want to be that person again. She was sad, pained and very unhappy. I’m not sure which I wanted more, to move forward or not to go back.

So I was faced with making a backward trend official or with moving the ball forward, how did I do?

I increased my exercise minutes by 252%, yes, that’s right, but I still didn’t make my goal of 400 exercise minutes, boo. I can only reach that goal if I do at least one double workout, which I didn’t do. But I did get up each day and workout, for a total of 340 minutes, not bad at all!! I also kept to my calorie limit and I was, on average, just shy of reaching my water goal every day.

When I got up this morning I was nervous to step on the scale. Oh I’ll be honest, I started getting nervous last night. Luckily this was also a measuring day, but I was not excited about that either, remember I lost just over one pound in the last 4-weeks.

I measured first, hoping for some encouraging news. Hips -0.25, Upper Arm, -0.25, Bust -0.5, waist -1.0, not bad, not bad. I’ve lost 6 inches off my waist since July, so cool, no wonder last summer’s shirts look like maternity shirts on me now. The scale also had good news, but not as good as I had hoped, I’m down 0.8 pounds. So I didn’t quite lose what I gained last week, which was 0.9 pounds, but the scale is moving in the right direction, major YEAH!!!

I also changed up my schedule a bit and the day, although still tough to fit everything in, seems to run a little smoother. I’m making time each day to work on my books, I’ve already added 1,480 words this week and I’ve started reading a craft book on plot & structure. I have to giggle about the book, because never could I imagine that I would find it so fascinating, where was this girl in school? Working on my books makes me happy, must remember this.

OK, now what?

My healthy goals for the week: continue to work out every day and pick a day for a double workout…Monday. Continue to be vigilant in my food choices and spread the calories out. I’ve been making a better water effort, but this week, it’s goal time, hit it every day.

I have 3 more scale days before my birthday and 4.3 more pounds to lose, well that’s ugly and that’s not the attitude I’m going for either. I have 4 more scale days before we leave on vacation…Goal: to reach my weight goal by either my birthday or my vacation.

No time for moving back or for being stagnant, moving forward is the only option here, a new pattern is a MUST!!

Have you made any new patterns lately?


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