Scale Day v34.0

I’m a day late with my post. Oops! I have a good excuse.

I spent yesterday morning with my Nia White Belt Intensive trainer. She is training a new batch of students this week and I got to spend yesterday morning with them. Have you ever been working hard on a project? Week after week you work towards your goal, then life nudges its way in, your schedule shifts slightly, and that project you were working on just gets shelved. I’m sad to say that in the past several weeks my Nia studies have gotten shelved. I’ve been working more (paid work) and my time for Nia has disappeared.

In this post I’ll also be talking about my scale day, or should I say days. I don’t normally weigh myself several times in a week, but after last weeks strange change in weights, on Tuesday & Wednesday, I did weigh myself a few more times and yesterday morning. I came to one big realization, it was one I learned in the fall, but had forgotten.

Did yesterday refreshen my desire to pull Nia back into my daily schedule? What did I weigh yesterday?

It was strange to spend just a morning doing something that just a few months ago I spent 7-full days in a row immersed in. I met a lovely girl from Minnesota (we have a lot in common) and a man from Austria (he says when I was on a train (back in 2005) from Venice to Berlin I passed right through his town- pretty cool). Yesterday morning I was reminded of all the work I have yet to do, work that I CAN DO. I was reminded why I love Nia. And I learned a few things. Daily study is what I need. It wont be a lot of time, but it will be daily. I love pattern, I love routine, and there is only one way to get myself ready to teach…do the work. It’s a practice, not a perfect (love Niaisms) and I WILL practice.

Last week the scale read 135 (even though the morning before read 133.9) which was a 0.7 gain from the week before. Last week: water great, calories great, and I worked out for 230 minutes. This past week: water great, calories great, and I worked out for 298 minutes. I worked out once a day every day, except one day. So all in all these last two weeks have really been pretty good. I weighed myself twice between scale days and my weight went down to 132.5 and then back up to 134.3. Yesterday, official scale day, my weight was 132.9, for a loss of 2.1 pounds, yeah!! Wait, that is only a loss of 1.3 pounds in the last 4 WEEKS!! OMG.

So what was that little thing that I learned in the fall that I had forgotten? I have forgotten to fill 1/2 my plate with fruits and veggies. Sure I’ve been picking good foods and keeping to my calorie limit, but that is not the whole game. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, although with strange fluctuations in weight you may have guessed…oh yeah, it’s a #2 problem. With slowing down my intake of fruits and veggies I’ve become irregular, gross I know, but it is fact.

One other fact that I have accepted: If for what ever reason I do not get a good night of sleep I wont be getting in a morning workout. Yesterday I had to get up an hour early to travel for Nia class, then work, then parent teacher conference, take care of the home/kids, & make dinner…I was one tired pup this morning and didn’t workout. Instead of getting angry I’m going to understand the situation. I’m not lazy. I’m just tired. I’ll adjust my schedule and workout this afternoon. Stop all the stressing and simply find another way.

Next week is my birthday week and there is probably little chance I’ll make my goal weight of 130 by then or by my vacation. My weight is still in the normal BMI range, 24.3 actually, and that I WILL celebrate. I’ll keep moving forward, right on past my birthday and vacation…this journey is withOUT end.

New patterns and reminders are my themes of the week. What have you forgotten recently that you need to re-learn?


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