Scale Day v40.0

Did I get back on the exercise horse or have I stayed down? Did I gain or did I lose? Did I do my best or something less? So many questions, but these three I will answer.

Since my vacation back in early March, I’ve had a hard time getting back into the daily routine of working out. I’ve been trying to do too much. Do you have that problem too? Over the last 9-months it has became very obvious, if I want to workout in the a.m. I need to get to sleep on time. No staying up late. No getting lost in my books for hours at a time. Get my butt to bed on time so I can read for a bit and then lights OUT. When I went on vacation my normal schedule went out the window and when I came home it stayed out the window. These last couple of weeks I’ve slowly talked myself back in line.

My weekly goal is 300 exercise minutes over 6-workouts. Last week I got 50-minutes and this week I got 170! 3-workouts is not 6 but it’s better than the week before. Slowly I’m getting my grove back and it feels great!!

I did pretty good on my calorie limit, except for Sunday. You should have seen the spread at my Aunt-in-laws and my moms, wow. It could have been so much worse. I was 1/2 expecting another gain this week, but to my surprise it was a loss. A 0.7 pound loss and I’ll take it very happily. I have 1.1 more pounds to lose before I hit my goal and that makes me very, very happy 😀

So I’m getting back on the horse, I lost weight, but I can do better. That’s my truth. Have you told yourself the truth today?

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