Scale Day v43.0

I have not posted in several months, but I have not gotten off the healthy journey. I’m posting today to give you an update and let you know where life is taking me.

My weight loss journey has had its hiccups since early March, it was easy to see in my posts around that time. Each week I tried to find the same gusto I started this journey with and I just could not get there. I let go of the crazy exercise pace and things started to fall apart. It’s been hard to get back on track as life finds its way to over take the journey.

Working out every day has its benefits. Your energy level stays high, making it easier to get everything done. But sometimes we need a break, maybe not a physical break, but a mental one. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and it’s exhausting. Problem is without the daily exercise your energy stores get depleted and then other things start to slip.

Pull back, full stop.

Decision time: give up OR get back on the journey.

What do you think I chose? It took 27-weeks but I finally lost another 5-pounds for a total loss so far of 34.9 pounds. Today I weigh 129.7 and my BMI is 23.7.

So what now? It’s time to lose the last 5-pounds. Oh boy 🙂 I’m going to try to do it in far less than 27-weeks, lol

What else have I been up to? I’ve been writing, a lot. I finished drafting a novella, currently in edits, and have started another. I’ve been writing flash fiction with a group of published authors (fun to be surrounded by folks doing what I want to do!!) and lining up beta readers. I’ve been working on my query and synopsis for that first novella and hope to start shopping it by the end of the summer. eek.

There has also been the evil day job. My youngest starts preschool this fall and I was somehow convinced to be the Treasurer again there. yeah. Summer activities, family reunions…

How are you doing in your life journey? Are your eyes facing forward or do you need to tweak it a little?