Summer 2013 – Finding My Glow

Hello. I last posted last July. Where have I been?

Oh, I’ve been crazy busy. Have you heard that one before?

Since I haven’t posted in a year, you might think I’ve fallen out of the healthy journey. You might be right if we talked anywhere after last September.

I let the busy times chip away at my workout schedule. For a long time, I kept to my good food choices and my water schedule. By Christmas, I’d gained 4-pounds. Not bad, I thought. I can lose those 4-pounds. The real problem: instead of losing the last 5-pounds, I’d now gained several. I was going in the wrong direction.

After Christmas it got worse. I let some bad food choices sneak back in and started drinking a class or two less a day. Over the next few months, I started to feel like crap. I was officially out of the healthy journey.

By the end of May, I’d gained another 6-pounds. Ugh. Combine that with bad food and not enough water. I felt like shit.

I wanted my glow back. I wanted my healthy journey back.

I came back here to this blog actually. I read through this page:

I read my own journey and it helped me to find my way again. In early June, I started with one step and then another. I’m still struggling a bit.

This isn’t easy 🙂 but it’s worth it.

Each day I workout, choose the right foods, and drink enough water, I feel fabulous.

I’m getting my glow back.

My body is starting to change. I see muscles coming back. The scale isn’t moving a lot yet, but it will. I will stay on this journey. I have 10-pounds to lose before I get back to where I was LAST year.

I’ll do it. I will.