Versatile Blogger Award

Yesterday my blog got recognized, with The Versatile Blogger award, by one of my very favorite bloggers (isn’t that icing on the cake!!).  Thank you Dacia for all your inspiration and encouragement!!!


The Versatile Blogger Award is passed from blogger to blogger.  It’s a wonderful way to recognize the blogs you enjoy and to find new blogs to love.

Here’s the 4 rules:

1) Link back to the blogger that gave me the award . – done, see above, thanks again Dacia!!
2) Tell 7 random things about myself.
– see below
3) Choose 7 other blogs to pass the award to. – see below
4) Inform the other bloggers that I’m passing the award to them. – done

7 random things about myself, things I have not blogged about, hmmmm…

  1. I’ve studied dance all my life, contemporary and ballet mostly.  Back in the day I won a state title and got in the top ten at nationals.  If SYTYCD was on back then I so would have tried out!!!  Yes, I still have my crown and sash 🙂
  2. My dad’s an alcoholic, I love him and hate him at times
  3. I love books as you probably know, especially paranormal romance, but you can add young adult to that list as well, love me some twilight and don’t get me started on Harry Potter, love it!!!
  4. I’m a Star Wars fanatic.  In fact my oldest son is named after one of the characters.  Yes, I have all 6 films on DVD and yes, I went to midnight shows of episodes 1, 2 and 3 and I still play with my light saber 🙂
  5. One of my favorite movies is Just the Way You Are with Kristy McNichol.  I watch it every few years, not sure what it is about this movie, I just love it
  6. I have 9 piercings, all in my ears, 3 in the right ear and 6 in the left.  Got them all before I turned 20 and I think I’ll always have them.  No tattoos currently, but my husband and I have talked about getting one when we turn 50.
  7. I looooove to downhill ski

I can feel the love and now I get to share the love.  I’ve done a lot of blog surfing in my few months in the blogosphere, love how you can get lost jumping from one blog to another.  I’ve found a lot of blogs along the way and below are 7 that I really enjoy visiting.  I’m learning different things from these blogs and I hope you will too.

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