Random Thoughts Monday v17.0

This past week has been spent getting to know the ins and outs of neck pain. I did not start this research project randomly, no, I woke early last week with terrible pain in my neck. Apparently I’m getting old. A good friend, who did have good advice, told me that when we are younger our muscles have an easier time at bouncing back. Well I’m still in my 30s, I’m NOT old 🙂 but apparently my neck thinks otherwise 😀

  • Neck Info
    • I’m not a doctor!! This is just things that I have learned and have worked for me.  Take the following with a grain of salt and if you have neck problems for several days you should probably seek advice from a doctor.
    • Our neck should have a natural arch, like a backward c shape, arching forward from our spine and then back to our head. When you force your neck flat you CAN strain those muscles. When you squish that c shape in half you CAN strain those muscles.
    • When muscles are swollen enough they will pinch and put strain on your tendons. Not only do I need to heal my muscles but I also need to heal the tendons too, lovely, because they can take a long time to heal.
    • When muscles are swollen you should not do heat therapy.  Simply ice on and off all day until the day comes that the swelling is down.
    • Once swelling is down you can start to heat the muscles up, do some stretches and then cool them back down with some ice, then repeat over and over
    • You should change out your bed pillow frequently, hmm, really? You should consider changing the shape of your pillow, what? They make different shaped pillows like this and this. It is the memory touch pillow that has finally given me some good nights of sleep and the healing is well on its way!! Yeah!!
    • Don’t neglect your neck, treat it well, you use it more than you know!!!
  • Is there one part of your day that is a pain in your– hmm tempted to say neck but I can’t tempt the neck god again, ok so I’ll say pain in your- butt, because you are disorganized? Maybe it’s the junk drawer, maybe it’s your car or your desk? For me it’s the place in my kitchen where new mail, bills, deposits, cameras, iPods, iPad, phones collect. I’ve made improvements to this area over the years.  We now have a charging station here, all the cords are tucked behind this cute- but expensive, because it was from pottery barn- wood bin and there is a little drawer underneath that is put to good use.  Right in front of this pretty piece is everything else that we frequently need. My Kitchen is not large so there is not a lot of options, but I’ve found one that I am trying out this week, basically it is just a linen pouch that I can hang on the wall behind the docking station. Oh man if this works I’m going to be so happy!! Is there something in your life that could be made a little easier if you changed one little thing?
  • Nia
    • Sanjana (the routine I’m currently learning): I made absolutely no progress this past week.  I could have worked on my bars (learning the patterns in the music), but my neck hurt so much for most of the week my heart just was not in it at all.  Today I’m just getting back into working out.  This week I hope to begin practice teaching the first 5 songs and begin the bars for the 6th song and 7th songs.  There are 8 songs in the routine.
    • 52 Moves in 52 Weeks: There are 52 moves in the Nia dictionary and what a great way to better know your craft than to spend 1 week with each move!!
      • Open Stance. Standing tall with my feet hip width apart, my toes pointing directly forward, my knees are flexible and spring-loaded.  I imagine standing on two railroad tracks.  My left and right sides are balanced.  I sense my feet from underneath as they give me support and provide me with foundation.
    • Reality TV is interesting to say the least, some of it is a train wreck, others are educational and some you can’t look away from. I enjoy some reality tv, I try to stay away from the shows where the people are just so outrageous it is a bit ridiculous. While Hulu was trying to provide me with something I might like, something I’d like to say I only checked out because I was feeling so sad about my neck, I got sucked into a “reality show.” In my defense I thought it might be interesting to see how young folks lived in Essex, England and I could work on understanding their accents. The show is called The only way is Essex and it is The Hills (I know this because, yes I’ll admit, I watched The Hills) but Essex style. It is a total train wreck and I can not stop watching, somebody help me!! 😀
    • My Lions played their wild card game on Saturday night. Well we lost and our season is over. I just have to say that my boys played some really magical football on Saturday night!! Our Quarterback,  Matthew Stafford (who is only 23-yrs-old!!! He threw 380 yards, including 3 touchdowns in Saturday’s game) and our Wide Receiver, Calvin Johnson (had 211 receiving yards and 12 receptions in Saturday’s game) are really something to see!! I can not wait to see them play again next Fall!!!

I hope our week is filled with proper neck alignment, some new organization, our feet providing us with a comfortable foundation, no train wrechs, some magic and that I find a way to continue to enjoy the football playoffs.

~Do you want to start or re-start your health journey? I’ve created a list of things that worked for me, see the link or the last page listed at the very top of this page and Create Your Own Healthy Journey today!


Random Thoughts Monday v5.0

2nd Monday in October and I feel a lot of pressure.  Summer has ended, Fall tasks should be in full gear and the end of year is near, sorry for the rhythm, I was hoping it would cheer me up.  I’m already behind on my October to do list, but there are happy roads ahead.  For one it is the start of a new week and I WILL make progress on that to do list.  My busy busy weekend is behind me, I won an eBay auction and got my oldest his preferred costume for Halloween and I now can fully concentrate on my up coming Nia White Belt Training, now that is some good news!!!  Is something standing in your way to making your next big goal?

  • How often have you heard your own generation or the generation that came before you talk about when they were young they’d run out the front door and not come home until the street lights came on?  I was at a wedding this weekend and that was a big topic at our table.  Yes they were remembering an easier time but it got me thinking a very sad thought…that first child who was hurt, those first parents that got the bad news their child was taken.  How brave those early parents were to speak out and help change the tide and those parents that learned from previous parents.  Our children now lead a much sheltered life early on, from the car seat to back yard play time.  I’m mentally thanking all those parents who have helped to make all our children safer.
  • Why is popular not always better?  You’d think if something was popular it would be quality, the best and most everyone would want some.  For example: the most popular fiction is not always the best written work.  The most bought burger (McDonald’s most likely) is definitely not the best tasting.  The most popular music can be pretty awful, not only in the talent of the singer but also in the quality of the music.  My husband has told me that the majority of the most famous tunes have 3 or less cords and it’s almost always the same 3 cords in every song.  I don’t even want to get started on the most popular kids in school, we almost all know they are not always the nicest of people.  But in more ways than one the most popular can reach the masses and become their fav as well.  So that is probably all it is, being popular means more people know about it and if more people know about it more people will love it…so if more people found your most favorite thing it could potential become the next pop thing of the moment?  Oh boy, protect your favorite thing, don’t tell a soul 😉 In my book some of the most popular things are pretty great, but what is even better yet is when that popular thing leads me to not so popular things that I love even more.  I know so many folks who wont admit they like popular things.  Like admitting you love Twilight is the equivalent to bad taste in books/movies.  Will you admit to your pop favorites?  Evan Rachel Wood recently admitted to loving Justin Bieber, so come on don’t be embarrassed, tell us what you love.
  • I need to find some critique partners for my book.  I’ve written close to 50,000 words and no one has read it but me, not good.  I’ve found the first writing group that I want to ask if I can join.  I’m so nervous, I had thought my first rejections would come from a publisher, but I fear I will get my first this week from my peers, double eek.  Of course I need to be brave, if this group isn’t for me I will just keep looking, there should be a group out there somewhere that is right for me and I wont find it until I start putting myself out there, goodness I sound like I’m about to join an online dating service 😉
  • Today is a huge day in Michigan sports .  Tigers game 2 I hate to say but is a MUST win and Lions playing Monday night Football, oh boy oh boy!!  Say a little prayer for my boys please, pretty please

Come back on Wednesday when I find out if my weekend away killed my weight loss goal for the week or not, triple eek, no, I’m not nervous 😉

Random Thoughts Monday v4.0

October has begun and fall is most definitely here.  We’ve entered that last 3 months of 2o11.  What are we going to do with these last three months?  I’m certainly not going to start thinking about next year’s New Years resolutions, I’m still working on this years.

Here I go, the 4th weekly random thoughts…

  • eBooks, the good, the amazing and the ugly:
    • The good: I love ebooks, being able to search, download and start reading in just a few minutes has my book lovin heart still giddy.
    • The amazing: Even better yet is the entrance of the self published authors.  The publishing houses of ole, man you’ve really got to wonder how many great books we never knew about because they passed on them.  Sure some self published works are not so good (some of them need editors pretty badly) and many are much shorter than 300 pages, but there is a lot of really great stuff out there.  Not to mention there are so many self published authors making any where from $500 to $1,000 ro more a month selling their own books, not bad!! Makes a girl like me wonder what will become of my own first book, when it is done…
    • The ugly: just like the early days of iTunes had its Napsters and all the stolen music, now with ebooks pirate sites are popping up constantly.  These cruel sites offer you a place to steal a book.  Sure there are some authors out there that wont miss some of their royalties, but what about the many authors who need the money from every sale.  I’ve read authors can see these pirate sites as a reason to stop publishing their work, is it’s their only way to stop the stealing, not to mention they can not support their family if pirate sites are allowed to continue.  Sure they’d still write but we, the masses, would never know what happens to some of our most beloved characters.  Urrrggg!!!! Down with the pirates and thieves!!!
  • Long term storage, useful or waste of space?
    • 1/4 of my basement is pure storage.  Every free nook of free space has been filled with something.  Some containers hold things we get to a few times a year: Holiday supplies and party supplies etc.  Some shelves hold items bought in bulk, paper towel, toilet paper, cereal, juice, crackers etc.
    • What about the things you are storing that you will never use again, in fact we may only look at a few times in a decade.  Mementos from our childhood, my wedding dress, etc. Ok these hold so much sentimental value I just can’t get rid of them.  At least my childhood memories are now in one bankers box and not filling a whole trunk.  But the books you’ll never read again and the recipe books that you have never found anything in or…
    • Finally I think about the boxes and bins I have holding old clothes that someday I hope to fit into again.  I had actually forgotten how much stuff I’ve saved.  Just last winter I was thinking I should get rid of it all, since it didn’t look like the weight was every going to come off.  Well I’ve written here just recently that I need to go clothes shopping, well I did, in my basement.  So glad I kept all that stuff, see more on this in the next bullet.
    • Lots of stuff we store comes to good use, but what about the stuff that we don’t need to hold onto.  Why do we need to keep it?  Why do we hold onto material things the same way we hold onto past failures.  Let it go and learn from it, it’s time to move on.
  • Clothing size charts
    • Hot button issue for many women for sure!!!  In fact a huge part of my original goal was in part to be once again a certain size.  One of the reasons I’ve waited to buy new clothes was because according to size charts from my usual haunts I do not yet fit in the next size down.
    • Yesterday I tried on a pair of size 12 corduroys from my closet.  I expected them to be big, because all of the size 12 pants in my closet are big on me right now.  But my goodness, it was ridiculous, at least 4 inches of extra space at the waist, they just fell down.
    • I dug into my storage boxes to see if I saved any size 10 pants.  I found one pair and 3 pairs of size 12 jeans.  Hmmm, I’ve been wearing size 12, even before I started working out, why had I put them in storage.  I tried them on and they fit great, not snug, just comfy.
    • Right now in my closet I have pants size 12 and 10 that fit the same, not to mention the size 8 I tried on last week at the mall that fit just as well.  My goodness, I know we are getting bigger as a country and clothing houses are trying to keep us happy when we go clothes shoping but this is ridiculous.  When it comes to our bodies, we just need the truth.
    • Oh and I was reminded cruelly yesterday that many of my favorite shirts from 5-10 years ago I will never wear again, not because of my weight or moth holes, but because it is clear we now wear our shirts longer.  My old shirts look so short, so silly!!
  • The Lions the Tigers, Michigan sports oh my!!!
    • The Tigers have tied the series against the Yankees by winning game two at Yankee Stadium.  Now on to two home games.  Let that winning spirit soar!!
    • The Lions are 4-0, who would have guessed, I’m sad to say not me.  I think Head Coach Jim Schwartz said it best in regards to yesterdays game: “It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.” .  The fact that we have had two come from behind wins this seasons is a little scary but lets face it, it’s exciting.  Our defence is deep, our QB Stafford is just beginning to touch his potential and don’t get me started on our receivers, magic fingers!!
    • It’s an exciting time to be a Detroit sports fan, no mater what happens in the next 3 days/4 months, I’m going to remember this week!!

Random thoughts Monday

In an attempt to clear my head for a new week I’m going to try out a new weekly posting, called “Random thoughts Monday.”  We’ll see how it goes.

  • A normal Gambling man: in talking with one of my husband’s clients yesterday, who had just gotten back from winning over $100 at a poker tournament, I got to thinking.  Are there men out there who go to poker tournaments 5-days a week?  Men who consistently make $100 or more a day and bring it all home to a family?  I know my husband, who is a musician, makes almost all his money playing gigs.  Gigs where he rarely drinks, doesn’t do drugs and his paycheck is automatically deposited.  He’s such a normal guy, but most would never guess that (unless they had met him once) and would assume he’s the stereo-type for a rock-n-roll musician.  So are there family men out there who actually support their family via poker?
  • Organization Intervention: how did I ever get anything done when I worked 50-60 hours a week in an office.  Some how I did, but not now.  Sure I still work part-time (all these hours are at home, telecommuting is the best invention!!) and I’m taking care of two kids, but it’s so hard for me to keep the house clean, get the laundry done, food on the table/keep food in the house and the zillion of other things you do each week to keep a house moving.  But I have a to do list that grows and never lengthens.  I’m a certified project manager (PMP) and proud of it, you’d think I’d be able to use some of my skills and get moving on my list.  But no, it never happens.  Well PMP, it’s time to get to work.  First things first, lets get all the special to-dos (i.e. things that are not normally done daily/weekly) onto one list.  That’s it, just make a list…see you next week.
  • When’s the book going to be done?: hmmm, I remember my original plan which had my books first draft getting finished in June 2011.  Well I’m sure fitting into the stereo-typical author profile, I barely wrote this summer.  Maybe 2,000 words all summer.  I’m happy to report I got over 1,000 words down today and tomorrow I’m going to write some more.  I need to get back into the habbit of working on my book and come up with a daily or weekly goal that puts me on the right path to getting all my first thoughts down.  I need them out of head!!!  Do you have a side goal or hobby that you have not worked on lately?
  • Remembering 9/11: it’s always hard to think of all those that were lost ten years ago, but yesterday’s memorials were especially moving.  It is comforting to know they will never be forgotten and we will always come together to remember them.  Did you think yesterday where you were ten years ago?  I was at the dentist.  Having no cavities would have filled my day with joy, but that was forgotten, as my heart cried for all those living in H E double hockey sticks.  I thought of you yesterday and today and in all my years to come.

July 25, 2011

All things are a little shaky right now.  Barely gettings things done around the house, reading too many books at once and I didn’t get up in time over the weekend to get in a workout before the little ones got up.  I feel my control slipping.

Good news: I finally got all the laundry put away last night, which is good since it’s laundry day again.  I did get in workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, while my youngest was napping and I finished two books in the last week.  Which means I’m only reading five books now, ah geesh.

Well three of the five books have not been read in the last week or so and I’ve decided to put away another until I finish a book I started last fall.  It is a book that I waited a whole year to read, but when I started I got so nervous for the characters that I couldn’t read it.  Remember that episode of friends where Joey put the Shining in the freezer, I was so there.  I’m done waiting, I want to know what happens, oh goodness, I’m getting nervous again 🙂

I’m six days into my latest workout week and oh it’s kind of ugly.  Wednesday, Friday and today were great, I got up on time and got in my workout.  I’ve already fessed up that I slept in on Thursday and never did get in my workout…and as stated above Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts were done mid afternoon.  Luckily I’ve been doing well sticking to my calorie limit.  My workout this am was hard going.  I felt lethargic for a good part of the beginning, like I was dragging myself through the workout.  I’m so not a morning person, as soon as I start getting up later, I go to sleep later and everything gets messed up.  I so need to get up and go to bed at the same time every day.  I’m hoping tomorrow goes better!!!

What has me pleased is how quickly I can feel myself getting back on track.  Not too long ago I may have let things slip further out of control, but today I feel myself getting back on track quickly.  “Just do it” is a good motto and of course remembering that everything doesn’t have to get back on track today.  Things take time, just keep pushing forward, any head way is a sign of your forward momentum and that’s pretty cool.

June 29, 2011

Is there a spot in your home that is so disorganized that every time you look at it or try to open that drawer you get stressed?  Well I don’t have one, I have several.  The worst by far is the Lazy Susan Turntable that holds all my baking supplies and small kitchen appliances.  Every time I turn it things fall or block it from turning, so frustrating.  Today I will take everything out, sort (there must be things I can get rid of), clean and put everything back in an orderly fashion.  I’m actually looking forward to this task.

On a workout note, I finally got two new workouts.  Yesterday I did Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones and yes I’m feeling it today.  It’s going to be some time before I can complete the whole workout without modifying it.  Although it was tough, it was really good to workout my muscles in a new way and push myself.  Have you pushed yourself in your workouts recently?  Have you been doing the movement the same way for a while?  Is there one part of your workout where you modify the movement?  Try and un-modify one section and see how you feel, you may be surprised at what you can handle.


My cold is slowly getting better, wahoo, ya know, enjoy your small victories.

Foggy morning here, love mysterious mornings, if I don’t have to drive in them 🙂

My oldest boy, the 4-year-old, likes to say poop after everything.  I have to say that it makes me smile every time, why is that?  I mean, what is so funny about Hi mommy poop, can I play outside poop?  He laughs and I try not to laugh, so silly.  Simply silly that’s my boys, gosh I love that, it lightens my day.

Found a new author yesterday.  Have I mentioned I love paranormal romance?  Here is her site: www.darynda.com the first novel is First grave on the right.  She got a quote from J.R. Ward, wow, anyone who likes paranormal romance knows that’s a really great get for a new author.  I have of course added her to my TBR list.  I’ll give you my review after I finish her first book.

Due to my cold I have not made any progress on my home projects or my work outs.  I’m really hoping that when the cold is over I’ll get back to the good habits that were just starting to form…we’ll see.  What good habits are you most proud of?

Husband got home at 5am last night from work, so he’ll probably sleep past noon.  Tonight and tomorrow am is the same schedule.  At least I will have him up and around and helping with the boys in the afternoon.

American Idol…yes I watch.  I’m very impressed with the show this year.  The change in judges was smart and the kids are really really talented.  I have no idea who should go home this week.  The past two weeks have really been impressive.  Everyone is in it to win it.  If you have not watched yet this year start with tonight.