Random Thoughts Monday v15.0

The Christmas weekend is winding down, I have one more party to attend this evening and then it will be officially over for us.  I had a very wonderful time this weekend.  It was great to see almost all of my family in just a few days.  My brother even got a private drum lesson from my dear husband, two happy men.  I was very proud of my oldest son who did a really convincing job of saying thank you when he unwrapped clothes, I’m glad we practiced 🙂

  • In my Random Thoughts Monday v12.0 I mentioned Spotify and the possibility of sites like these making the iPod and buying music obsolete.  My dear husband, the musician, has a strong interest in understanding how musicians get paid.  He keeps me educated on the plight of the struggling musician.  One of many reasons musicians keep writing and playing music for the public is because they CAN make a living.  Let me ask you a question.  How much money do you think you’d make if one of your songs was played one million times over a five month period?  Do you think it would be more than $1,000? Well it’s NOT, Lady Gaga only made $167, for her one million plays on Spotify!! Hmmm, in the article I just linked you’ll see that Basca (The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) chairman Patrick Rackow says “this is leading to a climate of fear and distrust”, well said!!  If Spotify doesn’t do a better job, i.e. at least paying singers/song writers what radio pays for each of its plays, it will be going down fast.  I wonder where Spotify will be without Lady Gaga.  This whole story reminds me of the Napster days and when Metalica worked hard for themselves and the musicians that were having a hard time getting heard.  I also remember the public at large not standing behind Metalica, like we couldn’t stand behind the rich rock band, even if their fight was right.  Well if folks like Lady Gaga don’t fight to say $167 for 1 million plays is absolutely ridiculous, what will happen to the struggling up and coming musicians?  What will happen to the future of music?  Ok yes that is a bit dramatic, but this can be some scary stuff!!
  • My first cousins are all in college except the youngest, who is a senior in high school.  They have begun to tell the true stories from their youth and their mom is finally beginning to understand the youngest was not lying about how awful she was treated, better late than never.  The best was when I heard the oldest, 23, berating the youngest for her short skirt (just an inch or two above her knee) and for kissing her boyfriend on their couch.  He said, “she’s only 12, she shouldn’t be kissing boys.” I had to give him a reminder several times that she is NOT 12, she’s 17, her skirt could actually be shorter and kissing a boy is perfectly fine.  Their visit was a lot of fun.
  • MY Lions are going to the playoffs, first time since 1999!!  Yow, I am so proud of my team!!

How are you going to spend the last 6 days of 2011? What ever you do I hope it is fun!!