Random Thoughts Monday v14.0

Christmas weekend is just 5-days away.  All week I’ll be baking cookies, wrapping presents, doing laundry and packing.  This is one of the busiest weeks of the year and mostly I love it, all the work becomes worth it when I get to spend several days with family.  Not everyone gets to spend time with family this week, but I hope everyone still has something fun planned.

Last week I skipped my random thoughts post because I wrote a novel of a post about my history with dance and my first journey back into teaching.  I joked with a fellow blogger about how I should send cookies to anyone who reads the whole post.  Anyways, here are a few of my random thoughts this second to the last week in 2011.

  • On Saturday I took my boys to the local Toys-R-Us where the Marines had a bus to fill with toys for Toys-for-Tots.  I have to say that visiting the Marines at that bus is one of my favorite things about Christmas.  Not only do I get to see some fine upstanding nice young men dressed in beautiful uniforms, but my sons get to see them too.  My oldest is always very impressed with the men in uniform and this year he went on and on about how courageous they were because they stand and protect us.  I was very proud of many young men that morning.
  • We don’t have as much to spend on Christmas this year.   Our income has not gone down but our health care bills sky rocketed this year with both my husband and oldest spending a couple of nights in the hospital.  I’m happy however that we will still be giving our usual amounts to the charities we like to support.  We support, not our library (because the people in my wonderful community support it very well), but my dear husband’s parent’s library.  They have a wonderful little library and I love supporting them.  We also support a very productive soup kitchen in inner city Detroit (their motto: Feeding Bodies, Nourishing Spirits, Strengthening Communities), our local Loaves and Fishes, Toy-for-Tots of course and Seedlings which makes braille books for children.  What are some of the Charities you like to support?
  • I think I’m going to add a page on my blog about how I would start my weight loss journey if I were to do it all over again, which I have no plans of doing by the way.  I hope to have it up this week. I want it up in time to hopefully inspire one person to start their journey in 2012.
  • My journey in learning my first Nia routine continues with not as much progress as I would have liked.  My replacement laptop arrived around lunch last Wednesday and it has taken me awhile to get used to the thing.  The first routine I’m learning has 10 songs and I’m only through the first 4.  I still hope to have all 10 in my body and mind by the end of the year, I’ll just add this to my crazy list this week.  Actually I hope to get at least one or two more in me this week and the rest next week.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • Oh Holy Lions, wow, if you didn’t see the game yesterday you have to read about it, simply go here and see the 4 slides they have on their site.  Nothing I love to see more than a team fight their way through a game and win the whole thing in the last few minutes with a successful extra point kick.  Not only did our beautiful YOUNG Quarterback have a good game, but our rock of a receiver, Calvin Johnson, did too.  The icing on the cake was having Suh back (after his suspension for kicking a player during the Thanksgiving game), apologizing for his bad choices and then getting back on the field and playing great.  To top it all off Suh blocked the Raiders last second field goal attempt, ok sure it was a 65-yard attempt, but still he blocked it and we WON!!

I hope your week isn’t too crazy, strive to get as much done as you can early in the week so that you can slow and enjoy the people around you this weekend.

Random Thoughts Monday v9.0

How to prepare for a week spent away from your usual routine, that is the question.  I have 5 days to finish preparing for my week long Nia White Belt Intensive Training and I’m going to use every minute.  I’m a planner and a worrier, typical mom for sure.  My goal this week is to plan and bring myself to a mostly stress free state, so my mind and heart will be ready for my week in training.

Here are my current random thoughts:

  • Finish writing up Grandparent friendly instructions for handling your kids for a week- a long work in progress, I’ll never ever be done, several pages of notes is probably good, they do know my kids after all
  • Nothing much smells better than making homemade applesauce.  Yesterday I finally got around to cooking down all the apples I’ve been collecting over the last couple of weeks.  I’m working on a post with my tips for great homemade applesauce, I put several on twitter last night, are you following me? Anywho, I hope to have my applesauce post out soon
  • Pick out clothes for next week- done
  • My Lions didn’t play yesterday, my whole week feels off
  • Plan breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners to go- almost done
  • My husband has been slowly realizing that he can like bands and comedians he likes on Facebook, which means he’s now getting updates on Facebook that he really really likes to read.  Facebook just became a lot more relevent in his book.  How do you use Facebook, is it just for friends/family, is it for networking, do you use it to follow your favorite artists and authors?
  • Ensure my grocery list has everything I & the family will need for this week and next- sort of started
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out next Friday.  Here is how I know I love Nia, I’m not upset that I will be in training the day the movie releases and wont get home until after my dear husband has left for work…which means I may not see the movie until after Thanksgiving 🙂 oh I am fully aware that I am a dork.  Do any of you like the Twilight books and or movies, I’m not alone here, right?  Come on, I admitted to liking them, you can too.
  • Finish planning, relax and enjoy my week of training- not started yet, but I will definitely get it done!!!

Have a fantastic week everyone.  I’ll be back on Wednesday for another scale day and then I will be off to live Nia starting on Saturday.  Not sure if you’ll see a post from me next week, but I will be collecting my thoughts and post them if not next week, then for sure when my Nia week is done. Oh and I’m not even thinking about how after my Nia week it will be the week of Thanksgiving, no I’m not even going there.

What we can learn from moms

How many ways are there to do the same thing? A gazillion? Are there any two kids in the world that are the same?  Sure we can learn from each other and there are a lot of moms out there with wonderful advice, but in the end we need to do what is best for us and our family.

Living day to day, mom or not, can be hard, that’s the obvious.  My family, friends, blogging and tweeting has certainly helped me coop with life’s ups and downs.  But every once in a while I remember the best advice I ever got.  I was about six-months pregnant with my first son and I was at my baby shower.  A very wise mom, wish so much I could remember who, told me to listen to all the advice and then do what ever I think is right.  This wise woman gave me the key to so many of life’s challenges.  I only took it to heart in reference to my soon to be mommyhood, but recently I’ve realized how poignant her advice was to many of the trials in life.

Families look different and function different, which is amazing.  What works for me and my family situation may or may not work for you.  Why there are folks out there who feel they can judge anyone is beyond my comprehension.  I know many moms who would change their situation if they could, i.e. work more, work less.  I also know many moms who wouldn’t change a thing, of course it is ok to want/need to get out of the house, I don’t have to tell you that, you already know.  I love a lot of things about my situation but it’s not perfect either.

Which brings me to the first reason for my post.  Moms know one thing for certain: our kids are not perfect, but there is absolutely NO reason why they should not love themselves completely and unconditionaly, after all, we do.  I’ve known this little fact so clearly for the last 5 years, but haven’t taken the time to realize one other fact, my mom feels the same way about me.  Hmm…I’m hard on myself, yes I am, I beat myself up over the littlest things.  No, I’m not perfect and it was only recently that I realized that I’m glad I am not.  How else would I learn anything.  One of my all time favorite quotes:

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more
intelligently.  -Henry Ford

This past Sunday a new show started on ABC: Once Upon A Time and I loved it, no surprise there.  Here is a little spoiler from the first episode.  A woman (Emma) who has given her son up for adoption 10-years ago is found by that son (Henry).  Henry has been adopted by a woman in Storybrooke (Regina).  Henry think Regina is the evil Queen from Fairy Tale Land and he begs Emma to stay in Storybrooke.  Regina sounds like most moms when her son goes missing and she is very protective of her son when Emma brings him back.  As Emma turns to leave she asks Regina, “Do you love him?,” I can only imagine that if Regina responds with a convincing yes Emma would feel that Henry is where he belongs and everything would be OK.  Isn’t that just it, the one thing we all MUST give our kids is our love.  A child who feels love can do anything, can dream the big dreams and be happy.  Kids know when they are loved, we parents are pretty transparent on that point.  I of course don’t pass up an opportunity to tell my kids I love them.  Regina spat out her answer, “Of course I love him.” I don’t have to tell you that Emma decides to stay in Storybrooke, but what is more interesting is why Emma asked her question and the question itself.

Many of us can still learn a thing or two from our moms and or the moms around us.  We should love ourselves and embrace any flaws we perceive, those flaws give you a chance to learn.  We know when we are doing the right thing for us and if we are or not we should love ourselves anyways, learn from the result, move forward more intelligently and everything will be OK.

Random Thoughts Monday v7.0

One week until Halloween.  I can imagine a lot of folks will be enjoying scary movies and haunted houses this week, will I be one of them?  I’m pretty much a scaredy cat but I love Halloween.  I’m sad to say that my Halloween decorations are not even out, we don’t even have our pumpkins yet.  Well today I’m getting on the ball.  I’m going to finish my work asap and when my youngest goes down for his nap in a few I’m getting the decorations out!!!  I will.

  • My youngest is 2 and loves Yo Gabba Gabba, I found him a costume with his favorite character.  I tried a few times in the last week to get him to try it on and each time he has run from me.  Last night was my last shot (b/c if I return today I’ll get a full refund).  I pulled the costume out and I wish I had my video camera on.  He ran from me like a cartoon character, a couple steps straight ahead and then a few to the right and then the left and finally another two forward and he was out of the room.  He was not screaming, but the expression on his face was priceless: oh no, I know what you are trying to do to me and it aint going to happen lady.  My husband is returning the costume today and I hope to get my youngest to wear at least a hat next monday, we’ll see, I’ll let you know.
  • Tomorrow we are going to visit Gene the pumpkin man, he is supposedly a 5th generation pumpkin farmer and he’s a hoot.  Everything around his farm is accented orange.  His place is out in the country and I always get some of the best pictures of my boys.  I wonder what colors I’ll see on the leaves tomorrow?  Pumpkin pickin is a lot of fun at Gene’s place and it always ends with donuts and cider, well not for me this year, but it will still be a lot of fun!!
  • My Lions have now lost two in a row, but they are NOT done yet.  Calvin Johnson had another great game, but it wasn’t enough again yesterday.  To make matters worse our QB limped off the field near the end of the 4th quarter.  It sounds like he will be fine, but I’m going to be worried until I see him on the field doing his thing next Sunday.
  • Gardners, hello you still out there?  Don’t put your gardening gloves away just yet.  Now is the perfect time to move things around in your garden!!  Do you have perennials that are getting a little too big or not in the right place?  Did you plant any veggies this year?
    • Perennial Movin: take a big shovel make a big hole in your new spot (just a little bigger than what you plan to dig up) > dig up all or the part of the perennial that you want to move (make sure to dig deep, most roots will go down 6-12″, get as much as you can) > place your plant in the new hole, cover and pack in with dirt and that is it.
    • Veggie Feed: don’t dig up and pitch spent veggie plants, they are the perfect thing to feed your soil.  Chop your spent plants into less than 6″ pieces and bury them in your garden, leaves, branches, roots and all.  Come spring you will have nice rich soil.

That’s all for this week folks.  My baby is sleepin and it’s time to get out those Halloween decorations.  Have a good one and Stafford: rest up and lets kick some Bronco butt on Sunday, ROAR!!

Random Thoughts Monday v5.0

2nd Monday in October and I feel a lot of pressure.  Summer has ended, Fall tasks should be in full gear and the end of year is near, sorry for the rhythm, I was hoping it would cheer me up.  I’m already behind on my October to do list, but there are happy roads ahead.  For one it is the start of a new week and I WILL make progress on that to do list.  My busy busy weekend is behind me, I won an eBay auction and got my oldest his preferred costume for Halloween and I now can fully concentrate on my up coming Nia White Belt Training, now that is some good news!!!  Is something standing in your way to making your next big goal?

  • How often have you heard your own generation or the generation that came before you talk about when they were young they’d run out the front door and not come home until the street lights came on?  I was at a wedding this weekend and that was a big topic at our table.  Yes they were remembering an easier time but it got me thinking a very sad thought…that first child who was hurt, those first parents that got the bad news their child was taken.  How brave those early parents were to speak out and help change the tide and those parents that learned from previous parents.  Our children now lead a much sheltered life early on, from the car seat to back yard play time.  I’m mentally thanking all those parents who have helped to make all our children safer.
  • Why is popular not always better?  You’d think if something was popular it would be quality, the best and most everyone would want some.  For example: the most popular fiction is not always the best written work.  The most bought burger (McDonald’s most likely) is definitely not the best tasting.  The most popular music can be pretty awful, not only in the talent of the singer but also in the quality of the music.  My husband has told me that the majority of the most famous tunes have 3 or less cords and it’s almost always the same 3 cords in every song.  I don’t even want to get started on the most popular kids in school, we almost all know they are not always the nicest of people.  But in more ways than one the most popular can reach the masses and become their fav as well.  So that is probably all it is, being popular means more people know about it and if more people know about it more people will love it…so if more people found your most favorite thing it could potential become the next pop thing of the moment?  Oh boy, protect your favorite thing, don’t tell a soul 😉 In my book some of the most popular things are pretty great, but what is even better yet is when that popular thing leads me to not so popular things that I love even more.  I know so many folks who wont admit they like popular things.  Like admitting you love Twilight is the equivalent to bad taste in books/movies.  Will you admit to your pop favorites?  Evan Rachel Wood recently admitted to loving Justin Bieber, so come on don’t be embarrassed, tell us what you love.
  • I need to find some critique partners for my book.  I’ve written close to 50,000 words and no one has read it but me, not good.  I’ve found the first writing group that I want to ask if I can join.  I’m so nervous, I had thought my first rejections would come from a publisher, but I fear I will get my first this week from my peers, double eek.  Of course I need to be brave, if this group isn’t for me I will just keep looking, there should be a group out there somewhere that is right for me and I wont find it until I start putting myself out there, goodness I sound like I’m about to join an online dating service 😉
  • Today is a huge day in Michigan sports .  Tigers game 2 I hate to say but is a MUST win and Lions playing Monday night Football, oh boy oh boy!!  Say a little prayer for my boys please, pretty please

Come back on Wednesday when I find out if my weekend away killed my weight loss goal for the week or not, triple eek, no, I’m not nervous 😉

September 7, 2011

Big day in my household, not only did my oldest get on a school bus and ride to school for the very first time, it is also my husband’s 39th Birthday and for me, it is scale day, oh boy!!!

Man am I proud of my son!!  Just yesterday he was saying he didn’t want to go to school.  Maybe my pep talk and incentives played a part in his change in attitude, but in the end he had to choose to have a good day and enjoy his adventure.  Yes, I’m taking my son’s example and moving forward in my journey.  If he can get on the bus and concur his fear, than I can too!!!

Scale day.  After last weeks disappointment (+0.4 pounds) I was hoping for at least some kind of loss.  I continued in my daily workouts, got in all the planned water, even added in the extra stretching almost every night.  I have to get side tracked here and tell you how happy I am that I added the extra stretching.  I’m not sure if it was the afternoon workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, which means I got in more sleep both those mornings, or if it was the stretching.  Regardless, I feel a ton better than I did last week and my hip joints are happy too, thank goodness!!!  Anyways, back to scale day.  I definitely did better on the calories this week.  I listened to the hunger scale, but I could have made better food choices and there were at least a few days I went a little over (at least 14% over) my calorie limit.  I was concerned and a little anxious this morning, but mainly I just wanted to know what it had to say so that I could move forward and do ever better this week.  I am happy to report I lost 3.1 pounds this week!!!  What, wait, yes, that’s right!!!  3.1 pounds!!!  Now before I get too excited, I think this means I was holding some water weight last week.  If I add my change in weight to last week it means I’ve lost 1.35 pounds per week, which has been kind of my norm, so I’m back on track.  The good news does not stop there.  I’m more than 30% of the way to my final goal, which is a new milestone for me.  Plus my BMI is down .5 from two weeks ago and 2.2 from my starting number!!!  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!  What did I do to celebrate…my hardest workout of the week.  I didn’t plan on doing the hardest workout on scale day, but it sure has been nice.  No mater if I lose or gain, a good hard workout feels great after facing the scale.  Trust the process and keep moving forward.  Forward on to another week of actively reaching for my goals, gotta love it!!!

Finally, to my husband.  There is a place I got where it is safe to be myself.  There is a place I go where laughter and tears flow freely.  There is a place I go where truth is spoken and dreams are shared.  It is a place of acceptance, understanding and honesty.  I’m thankful, that with you, I’m always there.  I love You.  Happy Birthday!! Now you are officially older than me 🙂

August 19, 2011

When my child was admitted into the hospital for an infected mosquito bite, I held it together over a panicking heart.  The first rule in my parenting book: I don’t want my child in pain.  The first rule was shattered this week.

Before I get to far into this story I’ll tell you that we are now at home and I do have some sweet and good news to share both regarding my son and my weight loss journey (for the faint of hard: skip to the end)

My son went to the air museum at Selfridge Air National Guard base (home of the 127th wing) on Sunday with his dad and my father-in-law.  It was the 1st day of a 3-day vacation with Grandma and Poppa.  They had a wonderful time, except for the dang mosquitos.  Of course they sprayed themselves with repellent, but my son ended up with a dozen bites on his legs, at least one on the top of his head (in his hair) and several on the back of his neck.  After applying the anti-itch my son was doing very well and we didn’t think anything more of it.

Shortly after my son woke on Monday morning his left ankle started to swell.  The ankle did have several bites.  I began to give him Benadryl and we iced his ankle in intervals all day.  Throughout the day several blisters formed around his ankle.  His ankle did get better after the dose of Benadryl and the ice, but not enough to satisfy us.  Since we had planned to go home the next day, we thought it best to take him up to an urgent care center, thinking he needed some oral antibiotics.  So out we went after dinner armed with a leapster, some tag books, my book and a bunch of snacks.  2 1/2 hours later the doctor told us we should go to the hospital.  Of course this was very unwelcome news, my son was tired and just wanted to go back to Grandma and Poppa’s house.

They pre-admitted us, so after a ride in the car and a short wait in the ER, we were escorted to an elevator and finally by midnight we found our way to his room.  After several visits from all the different personnel, including a doctor that agreed IV antibiotics were necessary, the IV process started.  I had been preparing my son, but I forgot one detail, the needle stays in, I still feel very bad about that missing piece of news, but that was not the worst part.  The nurse was very nice and I’ll tell you that now he has no bruising at the IV site, only a tiny pin prick is left.  I was huddled into the bed with him and by this time my husband (daddy) had arrived with extra provisions (clothes, more snacks, toys (mostly Cars cars), the preferred musical night-light, my laptop…).  The nurse spent several minutes pressing on his arm looking for her best option and then she went in.  The needle did not find a vein on its dive, she did leave the needle in and as gently as she could on a little almost 5-year-old arm, she searched for that vein.  My son was in hysterics, he started choking and then the vomiting started.  I couldn’t do anything, but sooth his brow and reassure him that it would get better.  I’m not sure how, but he kept his arm perfectly still and finally I saw red getting pulled up the line and I shouted, “she found it!!!!”  My announcement did little to calm my son, who now wanted it out.  My heart broke again at this point, not sure how I kept it together.  It took several long minutes to clean my son up, change his clothes and the sheets.  The nurse assured me he would calm as soon as she was gone and she was right.  He was still visibly frightened and unfortunately his blanky had gotten nailed and was in the sink and could not provide him comfort.  The hospital did offer up the first Madagascar film, which he started to watch and in his way started to relax, with his arm like a board beside him.  While he tried his best to relax, I went to work in the little sink to rid his clothes and blanky of vomit.  They did give me a little bin and some baby wash (which we had used to give him a sponge bath).  After the long process of scrubbing and wringing everything out, which kept me busy, apparently that was pretty important, we all settled for the night.  My son in the big hospital bed, half occupied by the sad little arm, a quarter by the rest of him and the last quarter with his stuffed friends and his cars.  I was on the very uncomfortable pull out chair and my dear husband was left to a make shift bed on the floor.  Once my son was asleep, around 3:30am, my tears released.  I’ll admit I sobbed uncontrollably for a while, thank heavens my husband was there to lend me his strength.

The next morning arrived and I got nervous when I saw little improvement in his ankle.  The doctor didn’t arrive until after lunch, I think he must have known it would take a bit longer to see some progress.  Sure enough a little before lunch the swelling slowly started to go down.  I most have done a good job on the blanky because by mid morning the blanky was dry and smelling pretty good.  My son was happy to have the blanky back!!  During the day my son and husband talked about the IV.  My husband had to have an IV a few weeks ago (long story but dehydration was the culprit).  My son asked him if he cried and dear husband says, “not really.”  My son says, “not even a little bit?” My dear husband says, “ok, well maybe a little bit.”  Although my son was relieved, I think he enjoyed the commiserating more.  After the doctor’s early evening visit, he informed us that we’d need to stay another night.  My son started to cry, “I want to go back to Grandma and Poppa’s house.”  I assured him that no matter when we got out of the hospital, he could stay another night at Grandma and Poppa’s, he was happy.

During the day Poppa came for a visit, which helped to brighten my sons day.  Even though my oldest was dealing pretty well, I was on the edge of tears all day.  Besides being worried about my oldest, I was desperately missing my youngest, who was staying with Grandma and Poppa.  The doctor told my son that besides seeing more improvement in his ankle, he also wanted him to be walking on it, well that did it.  Suddenly he had ants in his pants, he walked to the bathroom, he walked to the playroom and played.  He was attached to an IV pole, but he was playing, it was a hard and happy sight.  That night, after we learned we would indeed by staying another night, I convinced my husband to go and stay the night with our youngest and I’d of course be staying.  Any thought of leaving had me fighting tears again.  My mom came for a visit that 2nd night.  She came in like she always does, like a hurricane.  I got her to quiet down and then the next thing she said floored me, “you wont believe the day I’ve had.”  Well, that’s my mom.  On a happy note, my son took her to the play room where they put together a cars puzzle twice, he had a blast.  That night he requested I stay with him in the big bed, we snuggled in and got a good night sleep.

Wednesday morning his ankle looked so much better, all but one blister had popped, but there was still a good deal of visible swelling.  The doctor finally came by around 10am and told us we could go, plus the last blister popped!!  Very exciting news, my son was happy, then I began to prepare him for the IV to come out.  He wanted it out, he wanted to go to Grandma and Poppa’s, but he didn’t want the needle to move.  I assured him that it would be nothing like how it went in, they just have to pull off all the tape and pull out the needle and that would be it.  He was anxious and a little unsure, but forward on.  My dear husband arrived in time to provide comedic distraction, while I resumed my position on the bed with my arm around my son.  Luckily the IV came out without any ordeal and he enjoyed his wheelchair ride out of the hospital.

Before long we were back at Grandma and Poppa’s and I had my youngest in my arms.  The sweetest thing was watching my youngest crawl up on the couch, into my lap and pat my oldest on the head.  Finally yesterday we made the 3-hour trip home, feels so good to be home.  My oldest also is doing pretty good with his oral antibiotics (5 ml 3 times a day) which was a struggle at first, because it smells like feet.  We’ve been working on a system, first he tried fruit snack chasers, then gummy bears and last night he tried marshmallows and that seems to be the winner.  I put the foot juice in a cute little glass, line up the little marshmallow and a glass of water.  He is under strict instructions to put the little glass down as soon as he takes a hit, because his body shakes all over with the horrid taste, poor little guy.  This morning his foot looks fantastic, no sign of swelling left at all.  I’m so glad he transitioned well.  The nurses and doctors told us horror stories of kids having to come back because they left too soon, the oral antibiotics weren’t strong enough to keep the infection at bay and the area swells right back up.  Besides the scabs from the blisters and the remaining bite marks he looks back to normal.  Six more days of foot juice and we should be able to put this all behind us.

My Healthy Journey took a hit this week.  Although I was on vacation for 1/2 of the last week I kept working out, I was getting my water in and making pretty good food portion/choices.  All my efforts took a right turn when my oldest was in the hospital, first my water intake dried up (sure the hospital has water, but it tastes terrible).   I didn’t work out on Tuesday because we were in the hospital, I did workout out after we got back to Grandma and Poppa’s on Wednesday but I slept in a little on Thursday and was not able to workout.  It was one thing after another until we left and when we got home forget it, it was mass chaos around here.  My food intake was minimal for the last few days and my choices were ok.  Considering my crazy week, my lack of water, the last couple of days and two missed workouts, I was not expecting much out of the scale, even though I’m weighing myself two days late this week.  I almost considered not weighing myself this week.  Then I remembered, I’m in this for the long haul, I need to trust the process and I need to know if I lost or gained.  Well the bad news ends here, because I lost 1.9 pounds.  Wow, not only am I down to a BMI of 28.8, I’m past my first 15% goal, wahooooo.  After endless bad news for weeks, a new frig, a hospital stay for dear husband, hospital stay for oldest son, all the gigs dear husband has missed, oh and I started my period the day he got out of the hospital, dear husband got a speeding ticket on the way home and then we got caught in a 12-mile stretch of a lane closure on the highway.  This little piece of good news is exactly what I needed.  But on to another week, I got in my hardest workout this am, well into my required water for the day and onto more good food choices and another loss next week.

I hope life isn’t pushing you as hard as it has pushed me this week.  One thing is for sure, there is nothing like being with your kids and seeing them healthy, playing and enjoy the day.  Life can be so simple, it’s certainly pretty great when you are having a very normal day.  Don’t forget to enjoy every minute, stop and smell those roses!!

July 22, 2011

Couple of topics today: SYTYCD, a book review, my oldest’s current obsession and a status update on my weight loss journey

Last night on SYTYCD 10 became 8.  I’m not surprised at all that Clarice and Mitchell were cut, but just like Nigel said, it’s not because they are not awesome.  The fact is that they are all pretty spectacular, someone has to go.  Being in the bottom of this group is still an amazing place to be.

I finished Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever yesterday, loved this series!!!!  It was a long book, just shy of 600 pages.  There were spots that were hard to get through, but looking back at it now, I loved it all.  There was surprise after surprise in this series and so many I didn’t see coming.  Karen is very talented at creating a whole new world and I sunk right in.  This book did end the series, but from reading her blog it’s clear she’s spinning 3 more books off in the fever world.  I can’t wait!!!

My oldest (4 years old) has been obsessed with Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for some time.  The cutest thing is that he starts dancing from the inside when he hears the song.  The bass in the beginning of the song is pretty undeniable.  Throughout the day he breaks into the lyrics, sometimes with dance moves and sometimes without.  Lately he likes to sing the song how a dinosaur would sing it.  When he gets on a roll he pretends to be all kinds of different characters singing the song.  The words change, but the rhythm stays the same and it makes me smile every time.  I’m not sure what I like most, car, dog, cat, lion, dinosaur or fire truck Adele.

Now I have to fess up about how I didn’t work out yesterday.  Which is a real bummer because Tuesday I slept in and didn’t work out until the afternoon.  Today I did get up and get back on track.  I’m happy to say that I did stay within my calorie limit yesterday.  These things happen, I’m not sure if my body needed more rest or if I was being lazy.  I’m not going to drive myself nuts over it though.  Today I’m back on track and moving forward.

July 6, 2011

We got caught, oh my, but it could have been worse…

My husband got home last night.  Well to him it was last night, to most of us it was this morning.  He climbed in bed as my alarm was going off.  He was bad and pressured me to stay in bed, he sweetened the deal by telling me he’d help me with my workout…

Not too long later our oldest walks in (why oh why did he have to pick today to get up at 6:30am???) and says, “mommy why is daddy on top of you?”

The mortification, I can’t believe we got caught.  Luckily we quickly straightened ourselves and off our oldest goes to the bathroom and we are left to our giggles.

What a way to start my day.  I didn’t even get in my workout, nor the one hubby promised.  Well, I’ll make up for both, later.  Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂

July 5, 2011

Going back to work after a long holiday weekend is never easy, I hope you are all transitioning well.  My husband comes home tonight after a very long weekend of playing gigs in the Chicagoland area, I can’t wait!!!  I get to take my oldest to his swim class at our local Y today. Since hubby isn’t around, I will need to take our youngest (now 22 months) with us…oh boy.  I know parents do this all the time, but I’m not used to it, spoiled I guess.  I know we’ll do fine.  Actually I’m going to try to enjoy the time, rather than stressing that my little guy is making too much trouble.

I’m going to fess up that I had a terrible food weekend.  I alluded to my problems in my July 3rd post and I did do better yesterday, but I didn’t workout and basically felt bad the whole day.  Today I am happy to say that I got up and worked out, I’ve already had some breakfast and I’m on glass 3 & 4 of water.  Yes, today is a better day already and I feel pretty great.  Since I am paying more attention to how I feel, this weekend has given me some very interesting discoveries.  Of course my discoveries are nothing I didn’t already know, but my mind is finally taking hold.  Before I started this journey I knew I was an emotional eater and I knew you could solve these problems without food.  The problem I had in breaking the cycle is that I didn’t truly believe that different solutions could actually make me feel better.  My ah ha moment came this weekend when I hit rock bottom, no workouts, not enough water and bad food choices.  I knew these types of decisions left me feeling pretty terrible, but when having a bad day after having so many great days, wow, talk about a drastic change.  I’ve recently had so many good days that it was easy to compare them to how bad a bad day felt.  Simply amazing.  To top off an enlightning weekend, one of my favorite bloggers posted Cues and Pathways (if you haven’t been to Lyn’s blog yet you’ve got to go, in the least check out her before and now pictures).  She wrote about some pretty typical ways we emotional eaters fall into the pit and also gives great examples how to solve those problems without food.  I knew I was feeling pretty good these last several weeks, but man oh man did I feel bad these last few days…big obvious lesson for me.

Checking my target heart rate during my workouts is one of the ways I ensure I’m getting the most out of my workouts.  If your heart isn’t pumping fast enough, you’re missing the opportunity to improve your cardiovascular health.  As we get in better shape our resting heart rate will lower.  Have you checked your resting heart rate lately?  You may be surprised, I sure was.  As you know  your resting heart rate is a part of the calculation to find your target heart rate.  If you are using the Karvonen Method to calculate your Target Heart Rate, as your resting heart rate lowers, so will your target heart rate.  I also found some information on Target Heart Rate Zones, interesting.