Creating Your Own Healthy Journey

I’ve created a new page at my blog.  I want to share what worked for me and what I know now that would have helped if I knew it in the beginning.  This page is meant to help you get started or re-started on the right foot and empowering you in your own health journey.  May 2012 be even healthier than 2011, may it be more fun and may true happiness be yours.


Scale Day v26.0

When you are on a weight loss journey there are many highs and lows along the way.  Certainly making it through a hard workout feels amazing.  Seeing the first five pounds melt away is pretty cool, the next five feels even better.  Finding muscles you forgot you had is awesome.  Shopping for new clothes can really add up, but when you buy a size 6, when you started the journey in a size 12, feels incredible.  Hearing all my relatives compliment me is just icing on the cake.

With all the comments I received over the past few days only one hit me the wrong way.  After working hard for not just a few weeks, but 26 weeks, I’m not about to go into reverse and let the pounds back on.  This journey that I am on has not only changed my outlook on my health but also the reasons behind it.  What used to be one of the only reasons I wanted to lose weight, to look good in my jeans, is now just a by-product.  But nothing could stop my step-Grandma from saying, “now, just don’t put the weight right back on.” Yow, ah, ok, what do you say to this type of comment?  I can tell you what I wanted to say, but it was not appropriate to say to anyone let alone an elder.

Challenges will continue to come my way, but one thing I’ve got down is one week at a time.  I got Through Christmas week without gaining weight.  That’s right, I actually lost 0.3 pounds!!  Which is pretty awesome.  I did great on water this past week, 280 minutes of exercise (which is great considering my schedule) and sleep was actually pretty good.  Now calories, hmm, have no idea really, I can only say I didn’t go crazy, I had a Christmas cookie each day, but only one or two at the most.  I tried to keep to my normal patterns with foods, and considering I didn’t gain this week I think I did pretty good.

Last week I could have sworn the BMI calculator told me that once I (5′ 2″) weighed 136.5, my BMI would be 24.9.  I must have been mistaken, I need to weigh 136.4 before I enter the normal weight range.  Holy crud, I only need to lose 0.1 pounds!!!  I don’t normally do this, but considering the year is ending in two days I’m making a two-day goal.  My next goal is to enter the BMI normal weight category by the end of 2011.  If I would have said that 26 weeks ago I would have laughed at the impossibility, but now I just might be able to do it, regardless this year is a total success!!

I’m actually looking forward to making some New Years resolutions next week, I look forward to reading yours too.

Saturday I will be at a girlfriend’s house celebrating New Years with my 3 boys and a bunch of our friends.  My girlfriend’s husband is from Germany, so they celebrate New Years at 6 pm, when the calendar changes in Germany, how cool is that.  Shortly after I get my New Year’s kiss, my rocker hubby will be off to his gig, it all works out pretty well actually.

Hope you have a ROCKIN New Year!!!

Scale Day v25.0

Some bad news and some good news.  My youngest woke with a 100 degree temperature yesterday, by mid morning it was up to 102 and by lunch 104!!  He got a good nap in just his diaper and then we headed out for a 5pm doctor appointment.  We were home by 7pm with some free amoxicillin (our local grocery will give you this antibiotics and several others free with a prescription, so nice).  The doctor thinks he has strep throat!!  My 2-year-old who has only ever seen a doctor for well visits might have strep!!  Oh my!!  We wont know for sure if he has strep until Friday, but until then they will treat it like it is, hmmm.  Good news, after two doses of medicine, his temperature is back down to 100 today and he seems to be slowly coming back to that joyful boy.

To say I’m distracted by the “joys” of the season and my youngest is for certain.  I want to look at the bright side.  Everything I need to be ready for this weekend is in the house, now I just need to finish a million things, my youngest needs to continue to get better and then…the joy of the season can truly begin.

Before I get back to my youngest (who just feed me a cheeze-it) and my long to-do list…Christmas has come early to this lady!!!  I know hard to believe with the way my post started.  Today is my weekly scale day.  Over the last TWO weeks I’ve only lost a grand total of .5 pounds.  This week I had less exercise minutes than last week, but I did better on the amount of sleep, did a TON better in water and I made better food choices.  I actually ate a little more this week, but I picked healthier foods and I got snacks in too.  This morning I didn’t know what to expect.  Would you believe it if I told you I lost 3.1 pounds this week, well I did, seriously!!  Wow, what, ya, 3.1 pounds!!!  So what was the big change this week? Water!!  I was probably retaining some water and this week with hitting my water goal all but one day certainly did the trick.

Three weeks ago I set a goal to lose 3 more pounds before Christmas and I am happy to say that I actually lost 3.6 pounds.  Wait the news gets better.  I have now lost 28.3 pounds and my BMI is now…………………………….25.0

HOLY _ _ _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

It wont be long now before I can officially say I am NOT over weight!!  Wow, so exciting.  I actually only have to lose .3 pounds more before I hit the beautiful 24.9!!!  Yes, Christmas has come early 😀 I’m not making any goals or new challenges this week.  I’m going to follow my goals, drink my WATER, and for sure listen to my hunger scale and have a few Christmas cookies, but just a few.  This year is a success. 😀

Each week I work hard on trusting the process and I will certainly take that thinking into the New Year.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

Random Thoughts Monday v14.0

Christmas weekend is just 5-days away.  All week I’ll be baking cookies, wrapping presents, doing laundry and packing.  This is one of the busiest weeks of the year and mostly I love it, all the work becomes worth it when I get to spend several days with family.  Not everyone gets to spend time with family this week, but I hope everyone still has something fun planned.

Last week I skipped my random thoughts post because I wrote a novel of a post about my history with dance and my first journey back into teaching.  I joked with a fellow blogger about how I should send cookies to anyone who reads the whole post.  Anyways, here are a few of my random thoughts this second to the last week in 2011.

  • On Saturday I took my boys to the local Toys-R-Us where the Marines had a bus to fill with toys for Toys-for-Tots.  I have to say that visiting the Marines at that bus is one of my favorite things about Christmas.  Not only do I get to see some fine upstanding nice young men dressed in beautiful uniforms, but my sons get to see them too.  My oldest is always very impressed with the men in uniform and this year he went on and on about how courageous they were because they stand and protect us.  I was very proud of many young men that morning.
  • We don’t have as much to spend on Christmas this year.   Our income has not gone down but our health care bills sky rocketed this year with both my husband and oldest spending a couple of nights in the hospital.  I’m happy however that we will still be giving our usual amounts to the charities we like to support.  We support, not our library (because the people in my wonderful community support it very well), but my dear husband’s parent’s library.  They have a wonderful little library and I love supporting them.  We also support a very productive soup kitchen in inner city Detroit (their motto: Feeding Bodies, Nourishing Spirits, Strengthening Communities), our local Loaves and Fishes, Toy-for-Tots of course and Seedlings which makes braille books for children.  What are some of the Charities you like to support?
  • I think I’m going to add a page on my blog about how I would start my weight loss journey if I were to do it all over again, which I have no plans of doing by the way.  I hope to have it up this week. I want it up in time to hopefully inspire one person to start their journey in 2012.
  • My journey in learning my first Nia routine continues with not as much progress as I would have liked.  My replacement laptop arrived around lunch last Wednesday and it has taken me awhile to get used to the thing.  The first routine I’m learning has 10 songs and I’m only through the first 4.  I still hope to have all 10 in my body and mind by the end of the year, I’ll just add this to my crazy list this week.  Actually I hope to get at least one or two more in me this week and the rest next week.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • Oh Holy Lions, wow, if you didn’t see the game yesterday you have to read about it, simply go here and see the 4 slides they have on their site.  Nothing I love to see more than a team fight their way through a game and win the whole thing in the last few minutes with a successful extra point kick.  Not only did our beautiful YOUNG Quarterback have a good game, but our rock of a receiver, Calvin Johnson, did too.  The icing on the cake was having Suh back (after his suspension for kicking a player during the Thanksgiving game), apologizing for his bad choices and then getting back on the field and playing great.  To top it all off Suh blocked the Raiders last second field goal attempt, ok sure it was a 65-yard attempt, but still he blocked it and we WON!!

I hope your week isn’t too crazy, strive to get as much done as you can early in the week so that you can slow and enjoy the people around you this weekend.

Scale Day v24.0

This past week did not consist of many normals.  Many of my new ways of life were challenged.  When stress is high, my to-do list is extra long and my sinuses go crazy I need to remain focused on my daily goals and I certainly did NOT stop to think about the fact I AM still on a weight loss journey.  Lucky for me, many of things I do on this journey have become second nature, but my effort was still not 100% this past week.

Since the week of Thanksgiving I have failed to get 400 exercise minutes in a week and this week I failed again but not by much and I will count those 380 minutes as a success!!  Many of those minutes were the same movement, since I was studying for my first Nia teaching experience, which was not good for my body.  This past week I’ve dealt with a lot of sore muscles, to help I’ve been stretching a lot.  I’ve noticed that my stretching has improved much lately, not as quickly as I had wanted, but somethings have their own schedule!!!  So not only did I miss out on about 20-minutes of exercise I also did not get enough water in the last week.  Now I had a sinus cold, I should have been drinking more water not LESS, urgg.  To top off a bad week I was not getting the rest I needed either, again another bad when you are fighting a cold.  I did stick to my calorie limit and was good about planning out snacks each day, yeah one good thing.

I was so looking forward to getting on the scale today, NOT.  Today is also a measurement day for me, thank goodness!!  All my measurements stayed the same, except my waist and hips, both down another 1/2″ (total since start: 4 1/2″ off both!! ). Yes I did get on the scale and I gained, but only .3 pounds.

OK, fine, stop, take a breath, remember where I’ve been…I’ve lost 25.2 pounds…I can lose the last 10 pounds, oh that’s right I only have 10 to go…I can do this…I need to re-find my focus and give the same effort I have over the first 23 weeks…breath…now GO!!

This week it’s back to all my goals, exercise minutes, water, hunger scale, sleep, stretch, repeat

No giving up here, .3 pound gain, what ever, I’ve already moved on to this week, it is all about THIS WEEK!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!

Scale Day v22.0

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I may have had a wonderful week with family, but it was busy and stressful too.  Last week I didn’t make a new goal, although I didn’t plan to go completely without my daily goals.  I did plan on eating a full Thanksgiving Dinner and to have pie for desert, which I did.  I also planned to continue to workout everyday, which I didn’t.  I do believe I made good food choices all week-long (except yesterday), even my Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t proportioned crazy, 1/2 my plate was veggies!!  I kept to my water goal all week except for the last 2-days and the news gets worse from there.  Wednesday was our travel day and I was crazy busy with work and packing…I didn’t exercise.  Saturday and Sunday were busy with family activities and I didn’t exercise.  The week ended with only 4 workouts for 190 minutes of exercise, pathetic when I consider my goal is 400.  I haven’t had a week this low in minutes since before the 4th of July!!

Considering how disappointed I was with my efforts this week I had a terrible time getting up this morning for scale day.  I finally was able to get to it when I remembered as soon as I knew what the scale had to say I could move forward.  Last week I weighed in at 140.8, I was really hoping to still see that zero and I did, in fact I weight 140.4.  I have no idea how I lost .4 pounds!!!

Alright then, Thanksgiving week is done, time to look forward!!!  I only have 3 more scale days until Christmas weekend, wait, WHAT!!  Yes, only 3 more weeks, or should I say 3 more pounds.  I can do this.  I will get back to all my goals: enough sleep, water, hunger scale, food choices, DAILY exercise AND stretching.

Yesterday Dacia brought this wonderful idea to my attention: the ladies over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans posted some brilliance: O, Fitness – 25 Days of Exercise.  There is a printable Christmas tree and everything.  The idea is simple, exercise everyday from December 1st through to December 25th.  Everyday you exercise you can put a sticker on the printout, love this idea!!  Just what I needed to get back on track with daily exercise with the joy of stickers on top.

Here’s hoping we all have a fun, productive, non-stressful December, it starts tomorrow!!!

Scale Day v21.0

Recovering from my Nia White Belt Training has been a work in progress.  I do best on 7.5 hours of sleep, so less than 6 hours for 7 days was one thing, but all that activity and the emotional journey is another.  My first day off from the training I did not work out at all, totally understandable, I think.  Sunday I got right back on track and re-started my morning workouts.  Although I am making a guess for how many minutes of exercise I got during my Training days, I believe I got in 490 minutes in the past week, not bad considering a missed one day entirely.  My body has been struggling a bit to get back into my patterns, working out in the am, was probably the easiest.  I’ve been making some bad calorie choices this week, like yesterday, I went over my limit by 300 calories.  The other bad side in my recovery has been my water intake.  I did great druing my week of training, but once that activity level lowered dramatically it was actually hard to get in my usual water.

Three weeks ago I challenged myself to lose 3 more pounds before Thanksgiving.  When that challenge started with a week of no weight loss I became worried.  Last week I lost only 1 pound, which is fantastic, but with all the activity I was kind of hoping for more.  This week comes along with a missed workout, extra calories and less water, I was expecting no gain.  I hung onto the fact that I measured myself this week (more on that later) and so I had other items to look at than what the scale says, love that.  Was I surprised to see a new zero enter my life? YES! With 2.7 pounds lost (24.3 since the beginning) I now weigh 140.8!!  My BMI is now 25.7!!!  OMG I was shocked, I actually weighed myself a 2nd time, but believe it because the scale gave me the same shocking news.  My goal was to lose 3 more pounds before Thanksgiving and I lost 3.8!!  And the good news does not stop there.  Last week I should have measured, but ran out of time, so Monday I measured. In the last month I’ve lost a little more than 1/4 inch off my waist and bust and a 1/2 inch off my upper arms, hips and finally my calfs!!!  I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist and hips since mid summer!!!  That feels good, really good.

This bit of incredible news is going to help me stay on track this weekend!!  I’m not making any new weight loss goals though.  I’d love to lose this next week.  I will keep up my water and workout schedule, I’ll continue to listen to the hunger scale, especially tomorrow…but I will be having a piece of my pumpkin pie and 1/2 slice of my mom’s apple pie.  It’s time to celebrate, not only my weight loss, but life.  I love my family and friends. I’m making good choices for me and my heart is all blown up and feeling good.

As if I needed another reason to be happy…in a few hours I will be seeing my brother-in-law from LA and tonight I’ll finally be seeing the new Twilight movie!!  Good good stuff.

I’ve very thankful for all of you that read my posts and have helped me on this journey.  I certainly could not have done it with out all of you!!!  Thank you and I mean you.  Have a happy wonderous week.