Random Thoughts Monday v14.0

Christmas weekend is just 5-days away.  All week I’ll be baking cookies, wrapping presents, doing laundry and packing.  This is one of the busiest weeks of the year and mostly I love it, all the work becomes worth it when I get to spend several days with family.  Not everyone gets to spend time with family this week, but I hope everyone still has something fun planned.

Last week I skipped my random thoughts post because I wrote a novel of a post about my history with dance and my first journey back into teaching.  I joked with a fellow blogger about how I should send cookies to anyone who reads the whole post.  Anyways, here are a few of my random thoughts this second to the last week in 2011.

  • On Saturday I took my boys to the local Toys-R-Us where the Marines had a bus to fill with toys for Toys-for-Tots.  I have to say that visiting the Marines at that bus is one of my favorite things about Christmas.  Not only do I get to see some fine upstanding nice young men dressed in beautiful uniforms, but my sons get to see them too.  My oldest is always very impressed with the men in uniform and this year he went on and on about how courageous they were because they stand and protect us.  I was very proud of many young men that morning.
  • We don’t have as much to spend on Christmas this year.   Our income has not gone down but our health care bills sky rocketed this year with both my husband and oldest spending a couple of nights in the hospital.  I’m happy however that we will still be giving our usual amounts to the charities we like to support.  We support, not our library (because the people in my wonderful community support it very well), but my dear husband’s parent’s library.  They have a wonderful little library and I love supporting them.  We also support a very productive soup kitchen in inner city Detroit (their motto: Feeding Bodies, Nourishing Spirits, Strengthening Communities), our local Loaves and Fishes, Toy-for-Tots of course and Seedlings which makes braille books for children.  What are some of the Charities you like to support?
  • I think I’m going to add a page on my blog about how I would start my weight loss journey if I were to do it all over again, which I have no plans of doing by the way.  I hope to have it up this week. I want it up in time to hopefully inspire one person to start their journey in 2012.
  • My journey in learning my first Nia routine continues with not as much progress as I would have liked.  My replacement laptop arrived around lunch last Wednesday and it has taken me awhile to get used to the thing.  The first routine I’m learning has 10 songs and I’m only through the first 4.  I still hope to have all 10 in my body and mind by the end of the year, I’ll just add this to my crazy list this week.  Actually I hope to get at least one or two more in me this week and the rest next week.  I’ll keep you posted.
  • Oh Holy Lions, wow, if you didn’t see the game yesterday you have to read about it, simply go here and see the 4 slides they have on their site.  Nothing I love to see more than a team fight their way through a game and win the whole thing in the last few minutes with a successful extra point kick.  Not only did our beautiful YOUNG Quarterback have a good game, but our rock of a receiver, Calvin Johnson, did too.  The icing on the cake was having Suh back (after his suspension for kicking a player during the Thanksgiving game), apologizing for his bad choices and then getting back on the field and playing great.  To top it all off Suh blocked the Raiders last second field goal attempt, ok sure it was a 65-yard attempt, but still he blocked it and we WON!!

I hope your week isn’t too crazy, strive to get as much done as you can early in the week so that you can slow and enjoy the people around you this weekend.

Scale Day v15.0

This past week wasn’t one of the hardest on this journey but it was up there at the top.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, after a couple of obstacles I was struggling, straining and praying to make it through the week with some sort of loss.  I was also fighting against the pattern that has appeared over the last six weeks, one week lose over a pound and the next less than a pound, repeat, repeat, I did NOT want the pattern to report for a fourth time!!  Head games were certainly a part of my problem this week.  I continued to workout everyday, which is really working for me.  I had a busy weekend with being out-of-town, a wedding and a date night in which I struggled to stay on top of my water intake and my calorie count.  By this morning I was preparing myself for less than a pound loss, which was extremely hard to take after the real strong push I gave it the last two days.

No one was more shocked than me when I saw not 149, not 148, but 147.6, the pattern has been broken!! I had a 1.7 pound loss this week.  My four-week loss is 5.4 pounds!!  Even more important as of today I am exactly 1/2 way through this journey!!!!  I also stated a new goal last week: to lose 5 pounds before I start my Nia White Belt training.  I have 4 more weeks to go and now I have 3.3 more pounds to lose before I knock off that goal.

I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself and I’m going to crack unless I can relax a little, ok a lot.

Last week I worked out over 400 minutes and this past week I worked out 30 minutes less.  Why did I work out less?  Well for one I wasn’t home to get two afternoon workouts in.  Maybe more importantly I knew I wasn’t going to get those extra workouts in.  I could have prepared better and gotten an extra workout in before the weekend.  Planning for the workout week, area #1 for improvement.  I’m doing better on getting at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep and I’m feeling a ton better for it as well.  I’ve begun drinking 32 oz more of water a day, bringing my daily total to 128 oz or 3.8 liters or 8-16 oz glasses of water.  Lets just say my body is enjoying the extra water, I’m keeping headaches away and #2 is coming more regularly. I do have one other area for improvement and that is ensuring I don’t go too long between eating during the day.  I’ve gotten pretty good at making sure I don’t go over my calorie limit for the day, but sometimes that can mean a large stretch in the afternoon of no eating, NOT good, I don’t enjoy it and my body hates having to wait too long to eat.  Planning out my food so that I have room for an afternoon snack, area #2 for improvement.  I’ve added these items to my Weight Loss Journey Goals tab, love that tab!!

So how did I survive this weekend of a wedding, my dad’s big sunday breakfast and restaurant eating?  First off horderves at the wedding were killer, my favorite things to eat.  Fruit, cheese cubes, guacamole and chips.  Did I eat only fruit, of course not, that would be against everything I believe in, but the key was moderation.  After filling 1/2 my little plate with fruit I was faced with the cheese plate.  I know how quickly cheese cubes can add up the calories, but I took two.  Since guacamole is the good fat I took some, but I knew there would only be a few chips so I only took a little glob.  After counting out chips over the last several months I know how quickly those large chips get you over 150 calories, so I took only a couple chips.  Next up was salad and I forgot to order my dressing on the side, big mistake.  I skipped eating the croutons and only ate half of the dressing drenched salad :(.  Then on to the main course.  I ordered up grilled tilapia, which was wonderful.  I had only two small bites of rice and ate a good bit of the grilled veggies.  I was very full by the end and drank nothing but water.  Although I could have done better it could have been so much worse.  The following morning my dad had to make his pancakes, bacon and sausage breakfast.  I survived with two pancakes (about 3′ or 4′  in diameter), just a little bit of syrup and two pieces of bacon, short glass of OJ and a ton of water.  That night I found myself eating out at Applebees.  Thankfully they have several dishes listing WW points and calories, but of course I didn’t want any of those.  I picked a salad with grilled chicken, ordered the cheese AND dressing on the side, plus I was able to request just a 1/2 order.  I have no idea how many calories I eat, but with just a small pinch of cheese and 1/3 of the dressing I think I did pretty good.  All in all there were things I could have done better but it must not have been that bad, because I still lost this week.  It is very reassuring to know that my schedule can change and I can still pull through a loss.  My routines are so ingrained that I didn’t completely fall apart when faced with a few obstacles.  I need to let my routine give me strength and trust my instincts when things start to change.

So I’m half way through this journey, well half way through the weight.  I’m 15 weeks in and I’m hoping in another 18 weeks to be to my goal weight where I can really say I am not overweight, oh gosh I can’t wait to be able to say that!!!

Rewards, yes I think I deserve a reward.  I decided just last week that I’d get myself two t-shirts that I’ve been putting off buying once I reached my 1/2 way point.  I’m a book lover as hopefully you know and my two of my favorite series are Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampire series.  The hero of the Fever series is Barrons, holy cow, my goodness what a great character!!!  I found a long sleeve t-shirt in pink (b/c I love pink and that is the heroine’s favorite color). The heroine from the Chicagoland series is Merit and her position in her house is Sentinel, I found this Organic Women’s Fitted T-Shirt I’ve ordered them both and I cant wait to wear them proudly!!

I’m trusting the process, are you trusting yours?

Random Thoughts Monday v4.0

October has begun and fall is most definitely here.  We’ve entered that last 3 months of 2o11.  What are we going to do with these last three months?  I’m certainly not going to start thinking about next year’s New Years resolutions, I’m still working on this years.

Here I go, the 4th weekly random thoughts…

  • eBooks, the good, the amazing and the ugly:
    • The good: I love ebooks, being able to search, download and start reading in just a few minutes has my book lovin heart still giddy.
    • The amazing: Even better yet is the entrance of the self published authors.  The publishing houses of ole, man you’ve really got to wonder how many great books we never knew about because they passed on them.  Sure some self published works are not so good (some of them need editors pretty badly) and many are much shorter than 300 pages, but there is a lot of really great stuff out there.  Not to mention there are so many self published authors making any where from $500 to $1,000 ro more a month selling their own books, not bad!! Makes a girl like me wonder what will become of my own first book, when it is done…
    • The ugly: just like the early days of iTunes had its Napsters and all the stolen music, now with ebooks pirate sites are popping up constantly.  These cruel sites offer you a place to steal a book.  Sure there are some authors out there that wont miss some of their royalties, but what about the many authors who need the money from every sale.  I’ve read authors can see these pirate sites as a reason to stop publishing their work, is it’s their only way to stop the stealing, not to mention they can not support their family if pirate sites are allowed to continue.  Sure they’d still write but we, the masses, would never know what happens to some of our most beloved characters.  Urrrggg!!!! Down with the pirates and thieves!!!
  • Long term storage, useful or waste of space?
    • 1/4 of my basement is pure storage.  Every free nook of free space has been filled with something.  Some containers hold things we get to a few times a year: Holiday supplies and party supplies etc.  Some shelves hold items bought in bulk, paper towel, toilet paper, cereal, juice, crackers etc.
    • What about the things you are storing that you will never use again, in fact we may only look at a few times in a decade.  Mementos from our childhood, my wedding dress, etc. Ok these hold so much sentimental value I just can’t get rid of them.  At least my childhood memories are now in one bankers box and not filling a whole trunk.  But the books you’ll never read again and the recipe books that you have never found anything in or…
    • Finally I think about the boxes and bins I have holding old clothes that someday I hope to fit into again.  I had actually forgotten how much stuff I’ve saved.  Just last winter I was thinking I should get rid of it all, since it didn’t look like the weight was every going to come off.  Well I’ve written here just recently that I need to go clothes shopping, well I did, in my basement.  So glad I kept all that stuff, see more on this in the next bullet.
    • Lots of stuff we store comes to good use, but what about the stuff that we don’t need to hold onto.  Why do we need to keep it?  Why do we hold onto material things the same way we hold onto past failures.  Let it go and learn from it, it’s time to move on.
  • Clothing size charts
    • Hot button issue for many women for sure!!!  In fact a huge part of my original goal was in part to be once again a certain size.  One of the reasons I’ve waited to buy new clothes was because according to size charts from my usual haunts I do not yet fit in the next size down.
    • Yesterday I tried on a pair of size 12 corduroys from my closet.  I expected them to be big, because all of the size 12 pants in my closet are big on me right now.  But my goodness, it was ridiculous, at least 4 inches of extra space at the waist, they just fell down.
    • I dug into my storage boxes to see if I saved any size 10 pants.  I found one pair and 3 pairs of size 12 jeans.  Hmmm, I’ve been wearing size 12, even before I started working out, why had I put them in storage.  I tried them on and they fit great, not snug, just comfy.
    • Right now in my closet I have pants size 12 and 10 that fit the same, not to mention the size 8 I tried on last week at the mall that fit just as well.  My goodness, I know we are getting bigger as a country and clothing houses are trying to keep us happy when we go clothes shoping but this is ridiculous.  When it comes to our bodies, we just need the truth.
    • Oh and I was reminded cruelly yesterday that many of my favorite shirts from 5-10 years ago I will never wear again, not because of my weight or moth holes, but because it is clear we now wear our shirts longer.  My old shirts look so short, so silly!!
  • The Lions the Tigers, Michigan sports oh my!!!
    • The Tigers have tied the series against the Yankees by winning game two at Yankee Stadium.  Now on to two home games.  Let that winning spirit soar!!
    • The Lions are 4-0, who would have guessed, I’m sad to say not me.  I think Head Coach Jim Schwartz said it best in regards to yesterdays game: “It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.” .  The fact that we have had two come from behind wins this seasons is a little scary but lets face it, it’s exciting.  Our defence is deep, our QB Stafford is just beginning to touch his potential and don’t get me started on our receivers, magic fingers!!
    • It’s an exciting time to be a Detroit sports fan, no mater what happens in the next 3 days/4 months, I’m going to remember this week!!

August 6, 2011

Books, love books!!  Having the internet around has obviously changed so much, including our access to books and their authors.  I’m a big fan of blogs and it all started with reading the blogs of my favorite authors.  Many authors I follow don’t blog all the time and I found myself checking their site and finding nothing new, well no more.

Recently I became a huge fan of goodreads.  Not only can you track books you’ve read, reading and want to read, you can also join different book clubs and get suggestions from folks who read the same stuff you do.  Many authors are also on goodreads, once you’ve click their fan button you can get an email when they have new blog posts, very nice!!

If you have not checked out goodreads yet I definitely suggest you go check it out!!!

Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1)Recently I read Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Appetite, this is a very silly book.  The day I read it I wasn’t in the best mood and I have to say, it tugged and pulled and removed my ugly face.  Once my mood lightened I fully enjoyed it’s silliness.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Janet’s Stephanie Plum series than you should check this out.  The book has the touch of the mystical, but it’s written in a way than you get to choose whether it’s magic or coincidence, pretty clever

Happy Saturday everyone!!

July 25, 2011

All things are a little shaky right now.  Barely gettings things done around the house, reading too many books at once and I didn’t get up in time over the weekend to get in a workout before the little ones got up.  I feel my control slipping.

Good news: I finally got all the laundry put away last night, which is good since it’s laundry day again.  I did get in workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, while my youngest was napping and I finished two books in the last week.  Which means I’m only reading five books now, ah geesh.

Well three of the five books have not been read in the last week or so and I’ve decided to put away another until I finish a book I started last fall.  It is a book that I waited a whole year to read, but when I started I got so nervous for the characters that I couldn’t read it.  Remember that episode of friends where Joey put the Shining in the freezer, I was so there.  I’m done waiting, I want to know what happens, oh goodness, I’m getting nervous again 🙂

I’m six days into my latest workout week and oh it’s kind of ugly.  Wednesday, Friday and today were great, I got up on time and got in my workout.  I’ve already fessed up that I slept in on Thursday and never did get in my workout…and as stated above Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts were done mid afternoon.  Luckily I’ve been doing well sticking to my calorie limit.  My workout this am was hard going.  I felt lethargic for a good part of the beginning, like I was dragging myself through the workout.  I’m so not a morning person, as soon as I start getting up later, I go to sleep later and everything gets messed up.  I so need to get up and go to bed at the same time every day.  I’m hoping tomorrow goes better!!!

What has me pleased is how quickly I can feel myself getting back on track.  Not too long ago I may have let things slip further out of control, but today I feel myself getting back on track quickly.  “Just do it” is a good motto and of course remembering that everything doesn’t have to get back on track today.  Things take time, just keep pushing forward, any head way is a sign of your forward momentum and that’s pretty cool.

July 22, 2011

Couple of topics today: SYTYCD, a book review, my oldest’s current obsession and a status update on my weight loss journey

Last night on SYTYCD 10 became 8.  I’m not surprised at all that Clarice and Mitchell were cut, but just like Nigel said, it’s not because they are not awesome.  The fact is that they are all pretty spectacular, someone has to go.  Being in the bottom of this group is still an amazing place to be.

I finished Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever yesterday, loved this series!!!!  It was a long book, just shy of 600 pages.  There were spots that were hard to get through, but looking back at it now, I loved it all.  There was surprise after surprise in this series and so many I didn’t see coming.  Karen is very talented at creating a whole new world and I sunk right in.  This book did end the series, but from reading her blog it’s clear she’s spinning 3 more books off in the fever world.  I can’t wait!!!

My oldest (4 years old) has been obsessed with Adele’s Rolling in the Deep for some time.  The cutest thing is that he starts dancing from the inside when he hears the song.  The bass in the beginning of the song is pretty undeniable.  Throughout the day he breaks into the lyrics, sometimes with dance moves and sometimes without.  Lately he likes to sing the song how a dinosaur would sing it.  When he gets on a roll he pretends to be all kinds of different characters singing the song.  The words change, but the rhythm stays the same and it makes me smile every time.  I’m not sure what I like most, car, dog, cat, lion, dinosaur or fire truck Adele.

Now I have to fess up about how I didn’t work out yesterday.  Which is a real bummer because Tuesday I slept in and didn’t work out until the afternoon.  Today I did get up and get back on track.  I’m happy to say that I did stay within my calorie limit yesterday.  These things happen, I’m not sure if my body needed more rest or if I was being lazy.  I’m not going to drive myself nuts over it though.  Today I’m back on track and moving forward.

July 3, 2011

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!  My oldest has been at my in-laws for the past two nights and I miss him so very much.  I get to go pick him up in a few hours, I can’t wait.

I learned how old I was the other day, through a grammar lesson of all things.  I learned how to type long before the internet was around, long before Windows 95.  I learned how to type on a type writer, which had uniform character spacing, i.e. the i takes as much space as the a.  To help make the period at the end of a sentence visible, we’d put two spaces after the period.  Now a days we have varied character spacing, which means skinny characters like the i takes up only the space it needs and the two spaces are no longer needed, I didn’t know this.  As you can see the double space will be a hard break for me.  I need to learn it though, as I also learned that publishers take the extra space out, so they like receiving manuscripts with only one space after the period.  I guess I’m glad I learned this little fact now, when I’m only 75% done with my first novel and not after it was finished.  First I need to learn to stop double spacing. Gosh that feels strange. 🙂

I need to give you all an update on my weight loss journey. I started the week pretty sadly. I completed my Monday and Tuesday workouts in the afternoon and Monday’s was only 20 minutes. Wednesday I got back on track with a new hard workout. I was sore on Thursday, but I still fit in a workout. Friday I did the new hard workout again and it was awesome, yesterday I wasn’t as sore, proving I can push myself ever more next time. I did take yesterday and today off, not good, since yesterday I feel off the food wagon. Did I give in to my indulgences because I was a 5 on the hunger scale, that would be a big fat NO. I was hungry, but I could have made a better, more appropriately sized choice. I was eating emotionally. My husband and oldest son were gone, I was lonely and gave in. I felt terrible afterwards, I actually felt terrible during. I knew what I was doing and it did not give me the usual warm and fuzzy feeling, so not worth it!!! I big lesson for me and something I’m going to spend some time thinking about.

I just had to go back and take out the extra space after the periods, I didn’t even make it 50/50. The change is going to be tough on me 🙂

I finished the latest Stephanie Plum yesterday and of course I enjoyed it. The book had every thing I’ve loved, Joe, Ranger and lots of funny. It felt like a book I read before, nothing really new, I didn’t learn anything new about Stephanie. I actually felt that Stephanie was hiding from her feelings and not sharing them with all of us. Is it just mean, am I the only one who actually wants to see Stephanie take the next step in her life. I love Ranger, but come on, pick Joe, marry him and have some babies. I want to read how Stephanie handles all of those things, I know there would be a ton of funny there. Yes that would change the series and make it into something it’s not, but I can dream. The good news is that we don’t have to wait a whole year for #18, which is coming out in November. Although I was a little disappointed with this one, and the last few actually, I’ll still always read them the week they come out.

ok, that paragraph I actually did worse, there was only one sentence that I didn’t have to correct.

Happy 4th everyone!!