Scale Day v36.0

Vacation come take me away!! It’s been a year since I have been on a real vacation and I’m anxious for this one to start. Lots of packing and last-minute workouts going on, more about all that later and hopefully you can help me with a list. My birthday is officially over, so sad, but I had a great week and lots of great eats.

My parents came for a visit, a 24-hour visit, possibly the best kind for MY parents. She brought all kinds treats, peanut butter cookies, amaretto cookies, chocolate biscotti, fresh ricotta cheese, roasted red peppers, fresh italian green olives, and her homemade red gravy and meatballs. Oh, holy geesh!! Then, the day after my parents left we had a house full of friends and sinfully delicious food.

I didn’t go crazy on the calories, but I most certainly blew past my calorie limit by 300 calories at least twice last week. To counteract the calories I tried to step up the exercise, I beat last weeks total by almost 40-minutes, but that only brought my 268 minutes. I exploded the calories & I didn’t hit my 300-minute goal. Well it was my birthday week and I don’t regret it for a minute. When the scale reported I was up 0.04 pounds this morning I was not surprised. On a plus side my BMI is unchanged, still at 24.2. Disappointed to be going into vacation with the scale going up, but then I remember that there is 32.6 less pounds going on vacation this year and that frown turns upside down 🙂

While I’m on vacation I wont be doing my typical workouts and that is fine, everyone needs a break from routine once in a while. We’ll be staying right on the beach, Satellite beach actually, and I plan on daily walks on the beach. My goal will be 30-minute morning walks. Not first thing in the morning, because first thing in the morning I will be curled up with a book and cup of joe. Hearing the waves while you relax with a good book is simply the best. At least once I plan on practicing my Nia moves on the beach. Lastly, when ever it is convenient so probably not everyday, I want to spend about 20-minutes doing something and here is where I need your help. What exercises do you like to do that do not required any equipment? Here’s my list so far:

  • crunches, reverse crunches, double crunches, side crunches, bicycle crunches & V-sit-ups
  • Donkey kicks: straight back and knee lift to the side
  • lunges backward, sideways (with my butt back) and forward
  • push-ups
  • planks
  • Stretches

I might simply follow ShrinkJeans #6packMarch


now for a real treat

How excited are you about Hunger Games? OMG!! Follow the link to see: Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Meet Lenny Kravitz’s Cinna


I’ll be back in two weeks for another scale day post vacation. Did you see that cring? Ouch!! I have one more thing to share, hopefully by Friday I’ll have that post out. Have a great couple of weeks and don’t forget to spring forward this Saturday night.


Random Thoughts Monday v12.0

I had a crazy relaxing fun busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  We finally got home yesterday around 6pm and although I miss my family already, it is GOOD to be home!!  I have lots of random thoughts today so here you go…

  • Will future generations think we are weird for sometimes liking things printed out?  Will they not know the joy of a printed catalog? Not sure what got me thinking along this line, but I know I read more on-line than ever before.  My parents and in-laws still prefer to print what they read.  My mother-in-law, a huge reader can not get behind any ebook reader.  Paperless has been a big thing for a while now.  I guess I just started thinking of the generations still to come, not quiet Terra Nova, but like my grandkids (b/c my boys will have kids :), they are going to think I’m weird and not just for the paper thing, oh my, love it
  • Have you heard of sites like Spotify?  Here is their blurb: Think of Spotify as your new music collection. Your library. Only this time your collection is vast: millions of tracks and counting. Spotify comes in all shapes and sizes, available for your PC, Mac, home audio system and mobile phone. Wherever you go, your music follows you.  And because the music plays live, there’s no need to wait for downloads and no big dent in your hard drive.  Are sites like these, which also have an iPhone app, going to make the iPod and buying music obsolete?  I’m a little worried about musicians, but ASCAP (the organization that bills radio, movies, tv and internet for use of licensed music and pays the musician) better be on top of this one!
  • Since I just had a travel weekend with my kids, which included the portable DVD player and a travel case full of DVDs, I started wondering when it will be easy and mainstream to load movies onto an iPod type unit that can plug into the DVD player?  DVD’s can be about 4 GB when loaded on your computer and Blu-ray about 50GB, so with a collection of lets say 50, that would be like carrying around an external hard drive, no thanks.  Ok so someone should start re-purposing those outdated iPods and make them into traveling movie pods…the iMod 🙂
  • I traveled about 3 hours away from home for the Thanksgiving holiday.   Well the trip normally takes 3 hours, it took 5 hours on Wednesday afternoon and 4 hours yesterday afternoon.  How wonderful that so many travelled to see their family for the holiday.  How sad that so many had to travel so far to see their family.
  • My Lions: I still love you!!

That’s it for this week, now back to your regular schedule and oh boy cyber Monday, happy shopping everyone

Random Thoughts Monday v11.0

I’m back, returned to life as I once knew it to be, but it’s different.  I am different.  The Nia White Belt Intensive was an experience and it HAS changed my life.  I’m continuing my studies in hopes that I can continue to learn and never forget the wonderful things I gained last week.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those new learnings in my post and today you’ll find one indeed.

  • When your day is going as expected and then all of a sudden you are late, or you simply wake up late to start, what do you sense in your body?  I sense stress and tightening of muscles all over my body, especially in my chest.  My mood grows dark and my day suddenly becomes hard.  Suddenly those earrings take twice as long to put on or you have to reach and grab several times before you actually pick up that bag. What if when that stressful time appears you concentrated on relaxing those muscles that are playing against you?  What if you continued to move quickly but without the pressure?  Last week in class we experimented with walking fast, first for fun, second with stress and lastly with a mix of the two and a light bulb went on in my head.  Stress manifests its way in your body and mind many ways, but what if you let the stress in your body go, you know that ball of mess that forms right in your chest, your mind will then be free to help you fix your problem but you are not compounding it in your body and making it harder.  Your life is your lab, experiment away.
  • There are 5 teams in the NFL that have the same record as my Lions, there are only two with a better record.  Who do my Lions get to plan on their annual Thanksgiving day game?  The team with the perfect record, the Packers.  My Lions are going to fight, play hard and give it their all.  I will be cheering them on the whole way!!
  • I have not yet seen the latest Twilight movie, I’m still alive, but rest assured I do have plans to go with my dear husband and his brother (who will be flying in from LA for the holiday!!!) on Wednesday night.
  • Stephanie Plum!!!  OMG the next Plum #18 comes out tomorrow.  Yes I want something different in this book, but I also want a fun easy read.  I’ll let you know what I find.

I’m thankful every week for my life, my family and my friends, but this week is special because I will get to see so many members of my family.  It will be a busy week, lots of travel and ending with Christmas pictures at my parents house.  Did you know a week from Thursday is December 1st!!!  Oh boy, have a wonderful week and remember to work on your lab: don’t let stress leave your mind and attack your body and movements!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!….Go Lions, ROAR

Random Thoughts Monday v2.0

Happy Monday everyone, hope you’re feeling rested and ready for another week.  My weekend was full of family and friends which was wonderful, except nothing got done on my to do list.  It’s going to be a busy week!!

  • The Detroit Lions: can you believe it, we are 2-0!!  They didn’t just kind of win yesterday, their 48-3 win was a trouncing.  In additional Michigan happy football news, my alma mater Western Michigan University ended a five-year drought over our biggest rival Central Michigan University with a 44-14 win.  WMU’s record is now 3-1 and that one loss was to U of M (who is also having a great year, so far, knock on wood!!) which had a final score of 34-10, not bad for little WMU against a big 10 school.
  • DVR, OnDemand, Netflix, Red Box, Hulu, Video stores, Blu-ray, DVD, VHS: goodness so much has changed.  I remember not to long ago when I would have to program my VCR to record a program.  I remember when I used to have to leave home to rent a movie.  Things just keep changing, thankfully they usually get easier in this area, but they keep changing
  • Emmy’s shmemmys: I remember when I was little and I’d sit in front of the tv with popcorn and my mom and watch dutifully every second of every award show and pageant.  Now a days, I just check on-line in the am, find a list of winners and read a little about what happened.  What was once several hours now takes just a few minutes.
  • Winter time at the Zoo: here in Michigan not all animals stay at the Zoo all winter.  Yesterday we were at a birthday party in Grand Rapids at the Zoo, so much fun!!!  I got a chance to ask the zoo folks what happens in the winter time.  Apparently some animals (who have indoor habitats) do stay all winter, others go to other zoos or they go home for the winter.  Their biggest croc is going to Florida for the winter, his owner is coming next month to pick him up and take him home.  So interesting.  We also saw the zoo kitchen, where it became apparent that most zoo animals eat better than I do.  The kitchen was full of veggies.  But it was also full of frozen mice and frozen blood.  They actually make popsicles out of blood and mice, gross!!  They also make paper mache to hold treats that the animals can rip apart.  See here for the true story of how this zoo build a meat filled paper mache zebra and placed it in the lion pen last month.

Well that’s all for this week.  Have a good one and don’t forget to fill your grocery basket with fruits and veggies, zoo animals will have nothing on me this week 🙂

Scale Day etc. v11

Hard to believe I’m starting my 11th week on this journey.  Of course my efforts started slow back in February, March and April of this year.  Back then I certainly wouldn’t have put any money on me still being on my way to being healthy and fit.  Today, I think I would.  I still have many, many weeks to go, but I think I’m a pretty safe bet now.

Today I have a few things to discuss.  It’s Wednesday so I have to talk about the scale.  Yesterday I joined Twitter, see my tweets on the right and follow me please :).  I had a good reason to join and I’ll talk about that below as well along with an exciting Twilight treat.

After last week’s loss of 3.1 pounds, a great week of work outs and doing really well in food choices I was very optimistic.  I did lose but it was only .1 pounds.  Well, at least I didn’t gain or stay completely the same.  What happened here?  I’ve looked back at my documentation.  I’ve worked out 27 days in a row.  I’ve recently adjusted my workout schedule and it’s still kicking my butt.  I did great on water in take this week.  I’ve looked at the average calories for the weeks when I did lose weight and this week was right in there.  Everything looks good, so why not a loss?  Maybe I did lose but I gained muscle?  Maybe.  Next week I’m scheduled to measure so we’ll see.  The only area for improvement is still in the fruits/veggies arena.  My challenge this week, while keeping up all my good habits, will be to, per recommendations from My Plate, fill 1/2 my plate with fruits and veggies.  ThiryThreeandCounting brought a fun challenge to my attention the other day, #7DayChip, which lead me to joining twitter, which has been fun.  Lots of support and good information on Twitter, who knew.  I’ll let you know if I get that chip next Wednesday.

A few minutes into my Twitter life paid off quick when I found out that the Twilight- Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer would be premiering in just a few hours.  It’s so fun, so exciting, if you like Twilight you’ve got to check this out!!!

August 30, 2011

An observation and a teaser trailer…

I saw many friends and family this past weekend and since I’ve lost 10 pounds since I’ve seen most of them (6% of my starting body weight, which is a whole pant size and a half for me), I was expecting some comments.  I was feeling really good leading up to the event I was hosting.  I was wearing a shirt I’ve never been able to wear, my pants were loose, but I felt good and I think I looked better than I have in some time.  Not one comment, not a one.  Not a, have you lost weight, not a, you look good…nothing.  To be honest, save for my husband and mom, who both know I’m working hard to lose weight, no one has mentioned my weight loss.  Now sure maybe they’ll start to say something when I reach 20 or 3o pounds down, but I feel so different now, how can no one notice.  I almost started to feel sad, but you know, it’s now about someone else noticing, it’s about how I feel about me.  I didn’t start this journey so that others would look at me and comment.  I started this journey to feel better about my health, my body and about me.  The journey is not about anybody else but ME.  I feel better, I like my efforts, I’m happy and in this process that is really the heart of it all.  I reminded myself of my real goals this weekend, it felt like a test and I think I passed!!  Have you reminded yourself of your goals recently?

I know I’m no longer an active participant of the Mtv audience, but how could it possibly take me two days to watch the Hunger Games Teaser Trailer, OMG, you’ve got to watch.  I’m still uneasy that they’ll get the movie in the ball park of what I’d like to see.  But it is hard not to get excited about the Teaser.

July 19, 2011

Several thoughts to share today: changes in my garden, a movie night and updates on my weight-loss journey.

My garden is in a transition period, the blooms that are left are far and few between, and there are a ton not quite yet ready to open.  How often do you feel this way?  Do you know that feeling of being at the end of a journey, but you see the next journey right in your path?  I kind of feel that way right now, well more on that later in the post.

We have our favorite baby sitter lined up tonight and we’ll finally see Potter!!!  It’s so much easier to go and leave your kids behind when you know they’ll have a good time.  My oldest is actually looking forward to tonight.  I think we might be one of the last on earth to see HP8, I mean after grossing $475.6 million  worldwide in its first weekend who hasn’t seen it yet but me 🙂

I just past one of the first test in keeping to a weight loss plan, the dreaded time away from home.  I was gone from Tuesday night to Sunday late afternoon and I got in a 40 minute workout each morning I was gone.  I also got in a 40 minute workout yesterday morning, my first morning home!!  I did break from good food choices a few times but they were minimal and in small quantities.  The whole trip left me very empowered.  I now feel confident that with a committed point of view I can stay on plan, pretty cool.

Of course I felt fat many times while I was gone, but when your BMI still has you in the obese section that’s bound to happen.  I just can’t wait for the day when I start to feel like I’m really making progress and start to feel not so big.  I know I need to trust the process and keep going, but this a.m. I had a stumble.  I turned off the alarm clock and slept in two more hours!!  When the alarm originally went off this am I had gotten 7 hours of sleep, but I was still so very exhausted.  I had not felt that tired in some time and took it as a sign.  Luckily my kids also slept in and I got 9 hours of sleep.  I felt rested when I got up (not weak, like when I get too much sleep), which was great.  I’m still hoping to get my work out in today, I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow is scale day.  I’m already getting nervous.  Of course I’m hoping for a loss, but if not I’ll take it for what it is, a chance to learn and make changes and nothing more.  We’ll see tomorrow if I can take my own advice.

I feel like I’ve past the beginning stages of my weight-loss journey.  I’m in it now.  I’m on my way to my fist weight loss goal of 15% of my final goal.  My first hope will be to reach this goal in two weeks, I’ll re-address this thought after my weigh in tomorrow morning.