August 18, 2011

It’s snowing, urggg, my poor lilac buds ūüė¶ I want to cry, but I’m holding it together, for now ūüôā¬†I’ll let you know if the buds survive

Went to a book sale on Saturday at my library, what a bargain!!!¬† I got 4 books for myself and two for my boys and spent $3.¬† Do you know when your library has its book sales?¬† I have to say I am a frequent library fiend, I usually make weekly visits.¬† My own books at home were feeling neglected, just sitting there and never getting read.¬† So my current plan is to stay away from the library for a few weeks, we’ll see how I do.¬† I feel withdrawal coming on.

I’ve almost finished writing my first book.¬† I have at least 3 more chapters to write and several read¬†thrus to do but I can tell I’m close.¬† Recently I finalized, in my head, the rest of the series.¬† It is amazing how the ideas are in your head and then plop,¬†you pick them right out.¬† I’ve heard from authors how characters tend to write themselves and I am having the same experience.¬† I love it!!!¬† Over the next few months I hope to tell you about my attempts at getting published.¬† I already know the epublisher I plan to approach first.¬† I know my chances of getting published and seeing any income from my writing is low, but the process so far has been very rewarding.¬† I’m interested to see how I feel 6-months from now.¬† I don’t plan on sharing any details about my plots, but I will tell you all everything else.

April 12, 2011

My mom left to go home and I want to cry.¬† As hard as her visits are, I still love her with everything I’ve got.¬† The sight of my two boys clinging to her and saying I love you too Nonna brings tears to my eyes.

I started the second book in the A Chicagoland Vampires Novel series entitled Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill you can find out more about her books at¬† I love this series for many reasons: 1. the female lead is a strong independent woman 2. her story can’t be told in one book, so I can get to know her and want things for her and fear things as well¬†3. possible romance lurking around the corner, not right in front of your face.¬† I’ll write more about this series and Chloe another day.

I watched Castle last night, love this show, mystery, strong characters that are easy to pull for and of course the romance that will never be.

Thank the CW for starting new episodes again of Nikita and Vampire Diaries.¬† Of course my Uverse¬†doesn’t carry the CW, but the CW is nice enough to put their episodes online.¬† I just wish I didn’t have to wait several days until they put the newest episodes online.¬† Oh well, the wait is over!!

Summer TV, what are you most excited about?¬† It’s going to be a great summer for TV!!¬† Here is my short list:

  • SYTYCD- (Fox) May 26th 8pm
  • White Collar- (USA) June 7th 9pm
  • Covert Affairs- (USA) June 7th 10pm
  • The nine lives of Cloe King-¬†(ABCFamily) June 14th 9pm
  • Leverage- (TNT) June 26th 9pm
  • The Closer- (TNT) July 11th 9pm
  • Rizzoli¬†and Isles- (TNT) July 11th 10pm

WOW this show looks good!!!¬† Chloe King is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with her friends and single mother, just like every other year‚Ķthat is until she starts developing heightened abilities and discovers she’s being pursued by a mysterious figure. Chloe soon learns she’s part of an ancient race which has been hunted by human assassins for millennia ‚ÄĒand that she may be their only hope for ultimate survival.


It’s finally Friday, end of a long spring break week due to my cold.¬† Of course now I’m starting to feel better, I guess better now than later, right?

We have a play date this afternoon with friends, their kids are the same age as ours.¬† My husband and this guy have been friends for a very long time.¬† I’ve enjoyed both of them since we meet years ago.¬† I get a long really well with her and I wish I knew her better.¬†¬†Wish I spent more time with her before we had kids.¬† Wish I made more of an effort.¬† I think she could have been a really really¬†good friend.¬† Do you have people like that in your life, people who you are friendly with but wish were close friends?¬†As a girl I had a rather difficult time in H.S., back stabbing and all that and it made me over-cautious.¬† I’m still dealing with it too.¬† I’ve been out of H.S. almost 20 years, you’d think I would be over it, moved on, but it still stings.¬† It is easier now to make friends, though.¬† I’ve created a few really good friendships with parents at my son’s school.¬† When ever I see this couple, that¬†we’re seeing today,¬†I always think of the friendship that could have been, it makes me sad.

I finished my book, it was awesome,¬†Halfway to the grave by Jeaniene Frost.¬† The main character Cat is¬†a real power house, by the end of the book I was really proud of her.¬† This was the first in¬†a series and I cant wait to read the next book, love that feeling!!¬† Here is a link to the author’s website and this book: It’s a must read for paranormal romance readers!!!

American Idol…what can I say, Pia should not have gone home of course.¬† But while everyone was getting upset with her early outing, did they realize how they made the kids feel that made it to next week?¬† If Pia stayed than which one of them should have gone home???¬† Someone has to go.¬† But of course out of all the drama they provided no one stated the obvious…this woman, Pia has a long career¬†ahead of her, no matter if she was booted later or won.¬† Hello, Jennifer Hudson and¬†Chris Daughtry are doing just fine.


My cold is slowly getting better, wahoo, ya know, enjoy your small victories.

Foggy morning here, love mysterious mornings, if I don’t have to drive in them ūüôā

My oldest boy, the 4-year-old, likes to say poop after everything.¬† I have to say that it makes me smile every time,¬†why is that?¬† I mean, what is so funny about Hi mommy poop, can I play outside poop?¬† He laughs and I try not to laugh, so silly.¬† Simply silly that’s my boys, gosh I love that, it lightens my day.

Found a new author yesterday.¬† Have I mentioned I love paranormal romance?¬† Here is her site: the first novel is First grave on the right.¬† She got a quote from J.R. Ward, wow, anyone who likes paranormal romance knows that’s a really great get for a new author.¬† I have of course added her to my TBR list.¬† I’ll give you my review after I finish her first book.

Due to my cold I have not made any progress on my home projects or my work outs.¬† I’m really hoping that when the cold is over I’ll get back to the good habits that were just starting to form…we’ll see.¬† What good habits are you most proud of?

Husband got home at 5am last night from work, so he’ll probably sleep past noon.¬† Tonight and tomorrow am is the same schedule.¬† At least I will have him up and around and helping with the boys in the afternoon.

American Idol…yes I watch.¬† I’m very impressed with the show this year.¬† The change in judges was smart and the kids are really really talented.¬† I have no idea who should go home this week.¬† The past two weeks have really been impressive.¬† Everyone is in it to win it.¬† If you have not watched yet this year start with tonight.