Scale Day v37.0

Oh vacation how I miss you. You were good to me when I needed you, but now you’ve up and left me, boo hoo hoo ūüôā just kidding around.¬†It is however a bit of a shock to the system getting in and out of vacation mode. Knowing spring (actually it’s mid-summer right now in Michigan, expected high today: 86!) is right around the corner is keeping my mood light.

It was about this time last year when I started my slow roll into my healthy journey. It took a few months to get a steady roll, but this is where I began. Seeing pictures of me during last years vacation was a sock to say the least and the final straw in my unhealthy coffin. 

Lots of changes in my routine, nutrition and activity level all together helped me to take this years vacation 32.6 pounds lighter. But would you see the changes in the photos? We all know pictures, when not touched up, are pretty blatant.

Is that the same girl? Yes, that’s me. If you look close in the first picture you’ll find another inter-library-loan book with the same blue paper down the front. I’m not sharing any beach pictures here, yuck, I’ve still gots some work to do!! But I think I look healthier and that makes me smile.

The other question was how crazy did I go with the eating during vacation? And did I get in any exercise?

The week started off like a shot, oh hells bells, it wasn’t looking good on the exercise front. Not until Thursday did I get a chance to take¬†a walk/run on the beach. I planned my walk with the 1st week advice from couch to 5k. I was nervous to start my 60-seconds of running, I mean wouldn’t my back side bounce like crazy (like it used to) and would I be able to run for a whole minute?!? Surprise, surprise I did it and it was so much fun that I kept going and going and covered twice as much beach as I thought I would. In the end I spent 45-minutes on my walk/run, I little long I know and my calves paid for it the next day too, but I felt friggin fantastic!! Saturday I got another walk/run in, with a more respectable 25-minutes. Not sure how I’m going to fit running in at home, but I must find a way. I want the challenge. I’m craving the challenge.

On to some¬†eating admissions.¬†I got in my water on vacation, thank goodness too because¬†on average I had 500 more calories a day than I normally do, holy cow. No, I didn’t eat a cow, but at some times I felt like it and that I did NOT enjoy. What I did enjoy was the coconut shrimp, yummy.

So what did I do the day after vacation ended?

I got up and worked out and stopped at my calorie limit and did the same yesterday, but today I had to face the scale.

Expecting a gain, I was shocked when I found a loss? What? I have no idea how, but in the last 2-weeks, with a 2-week total of 295 exercise minutes &¬†the crazy vacation week eating¬†I lost 0.6 pounds. I’ve hit a new low of 131.9 pounds, BMI 24.1!

I survived vacation with a loss, amazing, and a new challenge. First Priority: lose that 1.9 pounds and FINALLY get to my goal weight. I’m back to all my goals here, calorie limit, water, sleep, 300-minutes of exercise a week, I needs it all!! I must also fit in walk/run time, I’ll let you know next week if I find a way.

Vacations are good, re-charged I am.

Now, have you seen the teaser for Breaking Dawn part II?


Scale Day v21.0

Recovering from my Nia¬†White Belt Training has been a work in progress.¬† I do best on 7.5 hours of sleep, so less than 6 hours for 7 days was one thing, but all that activity and the¬†emotional journey is another.¬† My first day off from the training I did not work out at all, totally understandable, I think.¬† Sunday I got right back on track and re-started my morning workouts.¬† Although I am making a guess for how many minutes of exercise I got during my Training days, I believe I got in 490 minutes in the past week, not bad considering a missed¬†one day entirely.¬† My body has been struggling a bit to get back into my patterns, working out in the am, was probably the easiest.¬† I’ve been making some bad calorie choices this week, like yesterday, I went over my limit by 300 calories.¬† The other bad side in my recovery has been my water intake.¬† I did great druing my week of training, but once that activity level lowered dramatically it was actually hard to get in my usual water.

Three weeks ago I challenged myself to lose 3 more pounds before Thanksgiving.¬† When that challenge started with a week of no weight loss I became worried.¬† Last week I lost only 1 pound, which is fantastic, but with all the activity I was kind of hoping for more.¬† This week comes along with a missed workout, extra calories and less water, I was expecting¬†no gain.¬† I hung onto the fact that I measured myself this week (more on that later) and so I had other items to look at than what the scale says, love that.¬† Was I surprised to see a new zero enter my life? YES! With 2.7 pounds lost (24.3 since the beginning)¬†I now weigh 140.8!!¬† My BMI is now 25.7!!!¬† OMG I was shocked, I actually weighed myself a 2nd time, but believe it because the scale gave me the same shocking news.¬† My goal was to lose 3 more pounds before Thanksgiving and I lost 3.8!!¬† And the good news¬†does not stop there.¬† Last week I should have measured, but ran out of time, so Monday I measured. In the last month I’ve lost a little more than 1/4 inch off my waist and bust and a 1/2 inch off my upper arms, hips and finally my calfs!!!¬† I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist and hips since mid summer!!!¬† That feels good, really good.

This bit of incredible news is going to help me stay on track this weekend!!¬† I’m not making any new weight loss goals though.¬† I’d love to lose this next week.¬† I will keep up my water and workout schedule, I’ll continue to listen to the hunger scale, especially tomorrow…but I will be having a piece of my pumpkin pie and 1/2 slice of my mom’s apple pie.¬† It’s time to celebrate, not only my weight loss, but life.¬† I love my family and friends. I’m making good choices for me and my heart is all blown up and feeling good.

As if I needed another reason to be happy…in a few hours I will be seeing my brother-in-law from LA and tonight I’ll finally be seeing the new Twilight movie!!¬† Good good stuff.

I’ve very thankful for all of you that read my posts and have helped me on this journey.¬† I certainly could not have done it with out all of you!!!¬† Thank you and I mean you.¬† Have a happy wonderous week.

Random Thoughts Monday v11.0

I’m back, returned to life as I once knew it to be, but it’s different.¬† I am different.¬† The Nia¬†White Belt Intensive was an experience and it HAS changed my life.¬† I’m continuing my studies in hopes that I can continue to learn and never forget the wonderful things I gained last week.¬† I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those new learnings in my post and today you’ll find one indeed.

  • When your day is going as expected and then all of a sudden you are late, or you simply wake up late to start, what do you sense in your body?¬† I sense stress and tightening of muscles all over my body, especially in my chest.¬† My mood grows dark and my day suddenly becomes hard.¬† Suddenly those earrings take twice as long to put on or you have to reach and grab several times before you actually pick up that bag.¬†What if when that stressful time appears you concentrated on relaxing those muscles that are playing against you?¬† What if you continued to move quickly but without the pressure?¬† Last week in class we experimented with walking fast, first for fun, second with stress and lastly with a mix of the two and a light bulb went on in my head.¬† Stress manifests its way in your body and mind many ways, but what if you let the stress in your body go, you know that ball of mess that forms right in your chest,¬†your mind will then be¬†free to help you fix your problem but you are not compounding it in your body and making it harder.¬† Your life is your lab, experiment away.
  • There are 5 teams in the NFL that have the same record as my Lions, there are only two with a better record.¬† Who do my Lions get to plan on their annual Thanksgiving day game?¬† The team with the perfect record, the Packers.¬† My Lions are going to fight, play hard and give it their all.¬† I will be cheering them on the whole way!!
  • I have not yet seen the latest Twilight movie, I’m still alive, but rest assured I do have plans to go with my dear husband and his brother (who will be flying in from LA for the holiday!!!) on Wednesday night.
  • Stephanie Plum!!!¬† OMG the next Plum #18 comes out tomorrow.¬† Yes I want something different in this book, but I also want a fun easy read.¬† I’ll let you know what I find.

I’m thankful every week for my life, my family and my friends, but this week is special because I will get to see so many members of my family.¬† It will be¬†a busy week, lots of travel and ending with Christmas pictures at my parents house.¬† Did you know a week from Thursday is December 1st!!!¬† Oh boy, have a wonderful week and remember to work on your lab: don’t let stress leave your mind and attack your body and movements!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!….Go Lions, ROAR

Random Thoughts Monday v9.0

How to prepare for a week spent away from your usual routine, that is the question.¬† I have 5 days to finish preparing for my week long¬†Nia White Belt Intensive Training and I’m going to use every minute.¬† I’m a planner and a worrier, typical mom for sure.¬† My goal this week is to plan and bring myself to a mostly stress free state, so my mind and heart will be ready for my week in training.

Here are my current random thoughts:

  • Finish writing up¬†Grandparent friendly instructions for handling your kids for a week- a long work in progress, I’ll never ever be done, several pages of notes is probably good, they do know my kids after all
  • Nothing much smells better than making homemade applesauce.¬† Yesterday I finally got around to cooking down all the apples I’ve been collecting over the last couple of weeks.¬† I’m working on a post with my tips for great homemade applesauce, I put several on twitter last night, are you following me? Anywho, I hope to have my applesauce post out soon
  • Pick out clothes for¬†next week-¬†done
  • My Lions didn’t play yesterday, my whole week feels off
  • Plan breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners to go- almost done
  • My husband has been slowly realizing that he can like bands and comedians he likes on Facebook, which means he’s now getting updates on Facebook that he really really likes to read.¬† Facebook just became a lot more relevent in his book.¬† How do you use Facebook, is it just for friends/family, is it for networking, do you use it to follow your favorite artists and authors?
  • Ensure my grocery list has everything I & the family will need for this¬†week and next- sort of started
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out next Friday.¬† Here is how I know I love Nia, I’m not upset that I will be in training the day the movie releases and wont get home until after my dear husband has left for work…which means I may not see the movie until after Thanksgiving ūüôā oh I am fully aware that I am a¬†dork.¬† Do any of you like the Twilight books and or movies, I’m not alone here, right?¬† Come on, I admitted to liking them, you can too.
  • Finish planning, relax and enjoy my week of training- not started yet, but I will definitely get it done!!!

Have a fantastic week everyone.¬† I’ll be back on Wednesday for another scale day and then I will be off to live Nia¬†starting on Saturday.¬† Not sure if you’ll see a post from me next week, but I will be collecting my thoughts and post them if not next week, then for sure when my Nia¬†week is done. Oh and I’m not even thinking about how after my Nia week it will be the week of Thanksgiving, no I’m not even¬†going there.

Scale Day etc. v11

Hard to believe I’m starting my 11th week on this journey.¬† Of course my efforts started slow back in February, March and April of this year.¬† Back then I certainly wouldn’t have put any money on me still being on my way to being healthy and fit.¬† Today, I think I would.¬†¬†I still have many, many weeks to go, but I think I’m a pretty safe bet now.

Today I have a few things to discuss.¬†¬†It’s Wednesday so I have to talk about the scale.¬† Yesterday I joined Twitter, see my tweets on the right and follow me please :).¬† I had a good reason to join and I’ll talk about that below as well along with an exciting Twilight treat.

After last week’s loss of 3.1 pounds, a great week of work outs and doing really well in food choices I was very optimistic.¬† I did lose but it was only .1 pounds.¬† Well, at least I didn’t gain or stay completely the same.¬† What happened here?¬† I’ve looked back at my documentation.¬† I’ve worked out 27 days in a row.¬† I’ve recently adjusted my workout schedule and it’s still kicking my butt.¬† I did great on water in take this week.¬† I’ve looked at the average calories for the weeks when I did lose weight and this week was right in there.¬† Everything looks good, so why not a loss?¬† Maybe I did lose but I gained muscle?¬† Maybe.¬† Next week I’m scheduled to measure so we’ll see.¬† The only area for improvement is still in the fruits/veggies arena.¬† My challenge this week, while keeping up all my good habits, will be to, per recommendations from My Plate,¬†fill 1/2 my plate with¬†fruits and veggies.¬† ThiryThreeandCounting¬†brought a fun challenge to my attention the other day, #7DayChip, which lead me to joining twitter, which has been fun.¬† Lots of support and good information on Twitter, who knew.¬† I’ll let you know if I get that chip next Wednesday.

A few minutes into my Twitter life paid off quick when I found out that the Twilight- Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer would be premiering in just a few hours.¬† It’s so fun, so exciting, if you like Twilight you’ve got to check this out!!!