Random Thoughts Monday v8.0

Happy Halloween!!  I hope you all get a good scare today and a treat too.  Below you’ll find several workout related thoughts, one about my winning team and a release day.

  • Do you have skinny mirrors in your house, you know the ones that make you look no bigger than you actually are?  I only have skinny mirrors in my house.  The full length mirror in my bed room: skinny mirror. The large mirrors in my workout space: ALL skinny mirrors.  Last night I got to experience my first ever LIVE Nia class.  I had the best time dancing last night, so much fun.  If you have not tried Nia yet, find yourself a class here and go have yourself a real good time!!  Only problem last night was the room had fat mirrors, urggg.  I dislike fat mirrors, but here is the test of what a good time I had.  I made an ugly face as soon as I saw my big thighs and arms reflecting back at me, but then I forgot all about it and danced my heart out- Nia, love it completely!!
  • These days my yoga mat gets a lot of use and sweat which equal a slippery stinkin mess.  One of the best little investments I’ve made is yoga mat spray.  With a fresh scent my mat gets cleaned and ready for its next use.  This is the spray I use, which I love, I’m sure there are lots of other great options.  Do you use something to clean your mat?
  • Black is not always better.  Black is one of my favorite colors and not just because I feel thinner wearing black.  I remember in high school I stuck to black and dark khaki green, how boring.  Color can do a lot to not only flatter your skin but to lighten your mood.  Does your closet have a variety of color or do you have your favorites?
  • 45 Lions – 10 Broncos as my oldest would say Cachowwwwww!!
  • Speaking of Cachow did you know Cars 2 comes out on DVD/Blue Ray tomorrow.  Well we’ve been counting down the days in my house, happy day, is’s just one day away!!

Have a good week everyone.  Trick or Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat!!

August 12, 2011

Workout clothes and thirsty towels, I think I should buy me some stock in you.  My current workout wear is pretty boring, but it’s functional.  Amazing how specific my preferences have become, e.g. sleveless shirts that allow for a good sports bra, pants just past the knee and it better all wick away the wet.  Also amazing how difficult it can be to find your prefered style.

I can be such a girl and I like to like what I wear, which I haven’t really enjoyed in some time due to my size.  I’ve refused for a long time to buy myself new clothes.  New clothes have felt like acceptance of my size and it’s not acceptable.  Having a worn drab wardrobe is depressing.  We deserve pretty things.  I’m starting with pretty workout things, it’s a start anyways and it doesn’t all need to be black!

I’ve recently found several things at Target, but have not found much luck elsewhere.  A friend told me yesterday about Athleta, their stuff looks pretty and if you can wait a week the shipping is free, nice.

Do you have workout clothes preferences?  Where have you found great deals and cute stuff?