Random Thoughts Monday v16.0

We started a new year yesterday, now what are we going to do today? Are we moving forward with those goals we’ve set? Do we still need to create some goals?

I set my goals during the year last year and I’m starting this year on the same path. Full steam ahead!! I may have just over six pounds to lose to get to my goal weight, but my healthy journey wont be ending there.  My healthy journey will continue withOUT end. I’m continuing to learn my first Nia routine and promise to look for a teaching job as soon as the routine is in my body, see more info below. 2011 not only brought me weight loss, it also brought me in touch with my writing genes.  I not only started this blog last year, but I also started my first book (see my progress on the side bar). I’m sad to say that I didn’t make much progress on the book during the holidays.  I started a couple of challenges yesterday to help me with my goals and you’ll find information on all of them below…

  • Life is about spending time with the people you love. That time can be spent in person, or phone or Skype or the zillion other ways we can stay connected. I think the key is to stay connected. I don’t get to see much of my family during the year due to the distance between us, but that does NOT mean I should cut off the connection. This year I’m going to work on staying more connected to the people I love.
  • New Years Resolutions, goals, to do lists, wish list…It is daunting to think about changing your life.  I’ve seen many of my friends write on Facebook over the last couple of days that they would not be making any resolutions this year, because they never live up to them anyways. Interesting that once you meet one goal, the next goal seems a little more possible. Maybe we tend to reach to high when we reach out for a new goal, one of the reasons I’ve become a fan of short-term goals.
  • Shrink Yo’Self in 2012– I’ve started a new challenge by the brilliant Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jean The challenge is simple and straightforward, I like simple. The assignment: What do you hope to accomplish during the next 8 weeks? Think of ways that you will make these goals reality. Easy, I want to lose the last hand full of pounds and get to my goal weight.  How will I make it a reality: follow all the goals on my Weight Loss Journey Goals page.
  • A Round of Words in 80 Days– it is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.  I’ve been wanting to join this challenge for a while. When I realized my book was suffering from neglect, and I WANTED to do something about it, it was the first thing I thought about.  Most folks who participant have a nice list of goals, mine is simple.  For the next 80 days I will spend 1 hour EVERY day with my characters.  I may be writing, editing, re-plotting, developing characters, anything, as long as I spend 1 hour EVERY day doing something to push my book forward.
  • Nia– this year is going to be about discipline and my Nia journey has two paths right now
    • Sanjana (the routine I’m currently learning): yesterday I finished drawing the bars and writing notes for the 5th song in the routine.  Today I will be practice teaching the first 5 songs and begin the bars for the 6th song.  There are 8 songs in the routine, I’ve past the 1/2 way point!!!
    • 52 Moves in 52 Weeks: There are 52 moves in the Nia dictionary and what a great way to better know your craft than to spend 1 week with each move!!
      • Closed Stance. Standing tall with my toes together and my heels comfortably apart, I sense my entire skeleton, my arms hang naturally, I lengthen up and sense the space above and the earth that is touching my feet.
  • My Lions are headed to the playoffs!! I wont be talking about the amazing game they played yesterday and how they got cheated by a bad call or how that bad call cost them the game, oh well, that was yesterday. My Lions are in the playoffs, it has been a long time, but this year you very much deserve to be there!!  Come on Lions, march all over those Saints!!

2012 is going to be amzing, because I’m going to make it amazing!!! How are you going to make 2012 amazing?

Do you want to start or re-start your health journey? I’ve created a list of things that worked for me, see the link or the last page listed at the very top of this page and Create Your Own Healthy Journey today!


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Monday v16.0

  1. That is quite a list you put together there; a positive goal to set for the next year and on. As long as you got a list together then you’re already on the right track.Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:)) BTW, go Lions:)) My best friend is from Detroit and he couldn’t be more excited, good luck!!!


    • thanks Jon!!! I did have a nice relaxing new years day, hope you did too!! I’m glad you will be coming back!! I’ve already started to explore your site, we unpublished authors need to stick together 🙂 Have you checked out ROW80? GO LIONS!! ROAR!!! 😀

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