August 6, 2011

Books, love books!!  Having the internet around has obviously changed so much, including our access to books and their authors.  I’m a big fan of blogs and it all started with reading the blogs of my favorite authors.  Many authors I follow don’t blog all the time and I found myself checking their site and finding nothing new, well no more.

Recently I became a huge fan of goodreads.  Not only can you track books you’ve read, reading and want to read, you can also join different book clubs and get suggestions from folks who read the same stuff you do.  Many authors are also on goodreads, once you’ve click their fan button you can get an email when they have new blog posts, very nice!!

If you have not checked out goodreads yet I definitely suggest you go check it out!!!

Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1)Recently I read Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Appetite, this is a very silly book.  The day I read it I wasn’t in the best mood and I have to say, it tugged and pulled and removed my ugly face.  Once my mood lightened I fully enjoyed it’s silliness.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Janet’s Stephanie Plum series than you should check this out.  The book has the touch of the mystical, but it’s written in a way than you get to choose whether it’s magic or coincidence, pretty clever

Happy Saturday everyone!!