Random Thoughts Monday v11.0

I’m back, returned to life as I once knew it to be, but it’s different.  I am different.  The Nia White Belt Intensive was an experience and it HAS changed my life.  I’m continuing my studies in hopes that I can continue to learn and never forget the wonderful things I gained last week.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those new learnings in my post and today you’ll find one indeed.

  • When your day is going as expected and then all of a sudden you are late, or you simply wake up late to start, what do you sense in your body?  I sense stress and tightening of muscles all over my body, especially in my chest.  My mood grows dark and my day suddenly becomes hard.  Suddenly those earrings take twice as long to put on or you have to reach and grab several times before you actually pick up that bag. What if when that stressful time appears you concentrated on relaxing those muscles that are playing against you?  What if you continued to move quickly but without the pressure?  Last week in class we experimented with walking fast, first for fun, second with stress and lastly with a mix of the two and a light bulb went on in my head.  Stress manifests its way in your body and mind many ways, but what if you let the stress in your body go, you know that ball of mess that forms right in your chest, your mind will then be free to help you fix your problem but you are not compounding it in your body and making it harder.  Your life is your lab, experiment away.
  • There are 5 teams in the NFL that have the same record as my Lions, there are only two with a better record.  Who do my Lions get to plan on their annual Thanksgiving day game?  The team with the perfect record, the Packers.  My Lions are going to fight, play hard and give it their all.  I will be cheering them on the whole way!!
  • I have not yet seen the latest Twilight movie, I’m still alive, but rest assured I do have plans to go with my dear husband and his brother (who will be flying in from LA for the holiday!!!) on Wednesday night.
  • Stephanie Plum!!!  OMG the next Plum #18 comes out tomorrow.  Yes I want something different in this book, but I also want a fun easy read.  I’ll let you know what I find.

I’m thankful every week for my life, my family and my friends, but this week is special because I will get to see so many members of my family.  It will be a busy week, lots of travel and ending with Christmas pictures at my parents house.  Did you know a week from Thursday is December 1st!!!  Oh boy, have a wonderful week and remember to work on your lab: don’t let stress leave your mind and attack your body and movements!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!….Go Lions, ROAR

August 6, 2011

Books, love books!!  Having the internet around has obviously changed so much, including our access to books and their authors.  I’m a big fan of blogs and it all started with reading the blogs of my favorite authors.  Many authors I follow don’t blog all the time and I found myself checking their site and finding nothing new, well no more.

Recently I became a huge fan of goodreads.  Not only can you track books you’ve read, reading and want to read, you can also join different book clubs and get suggestions from folks who read the same stuff you do.  Many authors are also on goodreads, once you’ve click their fan button you can get an email when they have new blog posts, very nice!!

If you have not checked out goodreads yet I definitely suggest you go check it out!!!

Wicked Appetite (The Unmentionables, #1)Recently I read Janet Evanovich’s Wicked Appetite, this is a very silly book.  The day I read it I wasn’t in the best mood and I have to say, it tugged and pulled and removed my ugly face.  Once my mood lightened I fully enjoyed it’s silliness.  If you’ve read and enjoyed Janet’s Stephanie Plum series than you should check this out.  The book has the touch of the mystical, but it’s written in a way than you get to choose whether it’s magic or coincidence, pretty clever

Happy Saturday everyone!!